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Textile syntax
Bold Text
*this is bold*
Italic text
_this is italic_
"link text(title tooltip)":linkAddress
Example - "Assistly(Assistly's website)":
Email Links
"link text(title tooltip)"
Example - "Support(Assistly Support)"
!imageurl(alt text)!
Example - !!
* An item in a bulleted list
** Second Level
*** Third level
# First list item
# Second list item
## Second level list item
Bullets usage examples
* I am a bullet
*# I am a numbered list in second level
*# I am another numbered list in second level
* I am another bullet in first level
You must leave a blank line after each heading.
h1. First heading
h2. Second heading
h3. Third heading
h4. Fourth heading
h5. Fifth heading
h6. Sixth heading
@your code goes in here@
Note: There can't be empty lines in the block of code.
bq. This text will be enclosed in an HTML blockquote element.
More markers
*_bold italic text_*
-strikethrough text-
*-bold strikethrough text-*
*_-bold italic strikethrough text-_*
+underlined text+
*+bold underlined text+*
_+italic underlined text+_
*_+bold italic underlined text+_*
*_-+bold italic strikethrough underlined text+-_*
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