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Quick script to parse out fields from a JSON stream
import sys
import simplejson as json
def get_param(js, param=()):
if len(param) == 0:
return None
if len(param) == 1:
return js.get(param[0], None)
next_value = js.get(param[0], None)
if next_value == None or type(next_value) != dict:
return None
return get_param(next_value, param[1:])
def parse_stream(stream, params):
for line in stream:
js = json.loads(line)
values = [str(get_param(js, p.split('.'))) for p in params]
print "Values: " + ' '.join(values)
if __name__ == '__main__':
parse_stream(sys.stdin, (sys.argv[1:]))
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