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Created Jun 4, 2012

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given a set of weighted values what combination(s) equal 10?
#!/usr/bin/env perl
use strict;
use warnings;
use Math::BigInt;
use List::Util qw(first max maxstr min minstr reduce shuffle sum);
my %d = ("apple"=>3, "pear"=>2, "pineapple"=>9, "strawberry"=>1,
"kiwi"=>-5, "lime"=>15, "lemon"=>5, "orange"=>-1, "banana"=>5);
my $t = 10;
my @keys = keys %d;
my $l = sprintf("%d", scalar @keys);
my $x = Math::BigInt->new("2");
sub xdump($) {
my $arr = shift;
my $p;
print "[";
foreach $p (@$arr) {
print $p."(".$d{$p}."), ";
print "]\n";
while( $x->is_pos() ) {
my $by = substr('0' x $l . substr($x->as_bin(), 2),-1*$l);
my @y = split(//, $by);
my $i = -1;
my @k = reduce { $i++; if($b eq '1') {push($a,$keys[$i]);$a} else {$a}} [], @y;
my $k = $k[0];
my $sum = reduce { $a + $d{$b} } 0, @$k;
if( $sum == $t ) {
print $x.". .".$by.". .".$x->as_hex()." ";
# __END__
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