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Last active Dec 13, 2020
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ZFS 0.8 at Raspberry Pi
#!/usr/bin/env sh
set -e
set -x
# keep track of the current directory
# switch over to the directory that contains the script
cd "$(dirname $0)"
# if the zfs repo does not yet exist, prepare the system for building and clone the repo
if [ ! -d zfs ]; then
sudo apt-get install -y build-essential autoconf automake libtool gawk alien fakeroot ksh
sudo apt-get install -y zlib1g-dev uuid-dev libattr1-dev libblkid-dev libselinux-dev libudev-dev
sudo apt-get install -y libacl1-dev libaio-dev libdevmapper-dev libssl-dev libelf-dev
sudo apt-get install -y python3 python3-dev python3-setuptools python3-cffi
#sudo apt-get install -y linux-headers-$(uname -r)
sudo apt-get install raspberrypi-kernel-headers
sudo apt-get install -y git
git clone
cd zfs
git checkout .
git checkout ${ZFS_RELEASE}
git pull
git branch
make clean || true
make distclean || true
autoreconf --install --force
make -s -j$(nproc)
sudo make install
sudo ldconfig
sudo depmod -a
sudo modprobe zfs
sudo zpool import -a
sudo zpool import -a -d /dev
cd "${CUR_DIR}"
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