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Script to control blackstar ID Core/Series? Amps - Todd Hartmann - >
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"Talk to the amp. You have to talk to it, Doolittle. Teach it PHENOMENOLOGY."
Control a Blackstar ID guitar amplifier with MIDI Program Change and
Control Change messages.
Author: Todd Hartmann
License: Public Domain, Use At Your Own Risk
Version: 1
Darkstar is a command line app and only requires the excellent
Outsider and awesome rtMidi-Python
Outsider needs PyQt5 for its UI and PyUSB to talk to the amp
Outsider can run on Windows if you make some changes.
First, for some reason, Windows reports one extra byte transmitted. So
change in, class BlackstarIDAmp, member _send_data() ~line 463,
bytes_written = self.device.write(self.interrupt_out, data)
bytes_written = self.device.write(self.interrupt_out, data) - 1 # HEY WINDOWS SAYS ONE MORE
Then you've got to keep it from doing the kernel driver deactivation
loop in, class BlackstarIDAmp member connect(),
~line 370, change
for intf in cfg:
and do the same sorta thing in disconnect(), ~line 429, change
cfg = self.device.get_active_configuration()
cfg = [] #self.device.get_active_configuration() HEY WINDOWS NO KERNEL VOODOO
These are bad solutions but they work with a minimum of changing.
import blackstarid
import rtmidi_python as rtmidi
import argparse, csv, textwrap
from functools import partial
def midiports(midi_in):
"""return a list of strings of Midi port names"""
# because midi_in.ports elements end with annoying space and bus number
return [ v[0 : v.rfind(b' ')].decode('UTF-8') for v in midi_in.ports ]
def cctocontrol(ccval, name):
"""scale CC value to named control's range"""
fcc = float(ccval) / 127.0
lo, hi = blackstarid.BlackstarIDAmp.control_limits[name]
answer = fcc * float(hi - lo) + lo
return round(answer)
# map from Midi CC number to a human-friendly mixed-case version of
# blackstarid.controls.keys() (becomes the key when .lower()ed)
# it's okay to map more than one CC to a given control
controlMap = dict( [
(7, 'Volume'),
(22, 'Volume'), (23, 'Bass'), (24, 'Middle'), (25, 'Treble'),
(26, 'Mod_Switch'), (27, 'Delay_Switch'), (28, 'Reverb_Switch'),
(14, 'Voice'), (15, 'Gain'), (16, 'ISF')
] )
def readmap(filename):
"""reads a CSV file of number,name pairs into the controlMap"""
global controlMap
with open(filename, 'r') as cmf:
cm = dict( [ [ int(row[0]), row[1] ] for row in csv.reader(cmf) ] )
for k in cm.keys():
if k < 0 or k > 127:
raise ValueError('Invalid MIDI CC number {}'.format(k))
if cm[k].lower() not in blackstarid.BlackstarIDAmp.controls.keys():
raise ValueError('Invalid control name "{}"'.format(cm[k]))
# everything is valid
controlMap = cm
except Exception as e:
print('Problem with --map {}, using default mapping'.format(filename))
def midicallback( message, delta_time, amp, chan, quiet ):
"""respond (or not) to midi message"""
mchan = (message[0] & 0x0F) + 1; # low nybble is channel-1
if mchan == chan or chan == 0:
kind = message[0] & 0xF0; # high nybble of Status is type
if kind == 0xC0: # 0xC0 is Program Change
preset = message[1] + 1 # presets are 1-128
if not quiet:
print('Preset Change to {:3} on channel {:2} at time {:.3}'.format( preset, mchan, delta_time ) )
elif kind == 0xB0: # 0xB0 is Control Change
ccnum = message[1]
ccval = message[2]
if ccnum in controlMap.keys():
name = controlMap[ccnum]
val = cctocontrol(ccval, name.lower())
if not quiet:
print('{} Change to {:3} on channel {:2} at time {:.3}'.format( name, val, mchan, delta_time ))
amp.set_control(name.lower(), val)
def midiloop(midi_in, bnum):
"""open midi, loop until ctrl-c etc. pressed, close midi."""
print('Press ctrl-C to exit')
while True:
except KeyboardInterrupt:
def buscheck(sname, midi_in):
"""argparse checker meant to be used in a partial that supplies midi_in"""
busnum = int(sname) # see if it's a number instead of a name
except ValueError: # okay it's a name try to find its number
busnum = midiports(midi_in).index(sname)
except ValueError:
raise argparse.ArgumentTypeError('Midi bus "{}" not found'.format(sname))
if busnum not in range(0, len(midi_in.ports)):
raise argparse.ArgumentTypeError('Midi bus {} not found'.format(busnum))
return busnum
def intrangecheck(sval, ranje):
"""argparse check that argument is an integer within a range"""
ival = int(sval)
except ValueError:
raise argparse.ArgumentTypeError('Invalid value {} should be an integer'.format(sval))
if ival not in ranje:
msg = 'Invalid value {} not in range {}-{}'.format(ival, ranje.start, ranje.stop - 1)
raise argparse.ArgumentTypeError(msg)
return ival
def presetcheck(sval): return intrangecheck(sval, range(1, 129))
def volumecheck(sval): return intrangecheck(sval, range(0, 128))
def channelcheck(sval): return intrangecheck(sval, range(0, 17))
class controlchecker:
"""first check if the control name is valid, then check if value is good for that control"""
def __init__(self): = None
def __call__(self, scon):
if( == None): # first execution is control name
if scon in blackstarid.BlackstarIDAmp.controls.keys(): = scon
raise argparse.ArgumentTypeError('Invalid control name "{}"'.format(scon))
return scon
lo, hi = blackstarid.BlackstarIDAmp.control_limits[]
return intrangecheck(scon, range(lo, hi + 1) )
controlcheck = controlchecker()
def fillit(s): return textwrap.fill(' '.join(s.split()))
def main():
midi_in = rtmidi.MidiIn()
midibus = partial(buscheck, midi_in=midi_in)
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(
description = fillit(""" Control a Blackstar ID guitar
amplifier with MIDI Program Change
and Control Change messages."""),
epilog = '\n\n'.join( [fillit(s) for s in [
"""Darkstar probably can't keep up with an LFO signal from
your DAW. It's for setting a value every now-and-then,
not continuously. Latency appears to be ~40ms YLMV.""",
"""--preset, --volume, and --control are conveniences to quickly
set a control and exit. They can be used together.""",
"""--listbus, --listmap, and --listcontrols provide useful
information and exit. They can be used together."""]] ),
parser.add_argument('--bus', type=midibus, default='blackstar', help='number or exact name including spaces of MIDI bus to listen on, default="blackstar"')
parser.add_argument('--channel', type=channelcheck, default=0, help='MIDI channel 1-16 to listen on, 0=all, default=all')
parser.add_argument('--map', type=str, metavar='FILENAME', help='name of file of (cc number, control name) pairs.')
parser.add_argument('--quiet', action='store_true', help='suppress operational messages')
parser.add_argument('--preset', type=presetcheck, help='send a preset select 1-128 and exit')
parser.add_argument('--volume', type=volumecheck, help="set the amp's volume and exit")
parser.add_argument('--control', type=controlcheck, nargs=2, metavar=('NAME', 'VALUE'), help='set the named control to the value and exit')
parser.add_argument('--listbus', action='store_true', help='list Midi input busses and exit')
parser.add_argument('--listmap', action='store_true', help='list the default control mapping and exit')
parser.add_argument('--listcontrols', action='store_true', help='list Blackstar controls and exit')
args = parser.parse_args()
if any([ args.listbus, args.listmap, args.listcontrols ]):
if args.listbus:
print('\n'.join([ '{} "{}"'.format(e[0], e[1]) for e in enumerate(midiports(midi_in)) ]))
if args.listmap:
for k in sorted(controlMap.keys()):
print('{:3} -> {}'.format(k, controlMap[k]))
if args.listcontrols:
s = ', '.join( sorted([k for k in blackstarid.BlackstarIDAmp.controls.keys()]) )
amp = blackstarid.BlackstarIDAmp()
print('Connected to {}'.format(amp.model))
if args.preset != None or args.volume != None or args.control != None:
if args.preset != None:
print('Requesting preset {}'.format(args.preset))
if args.volume != None:
print('Setting volume {}'.format(args.volume))
amp.set_control('volume', args.volume)
if args.control != None:
print('Setting control {} to {}'.format(args.control[0], args.control[1]))
amp.set_control(args.control[0], args.control[1])
if != None:
midi_in.callback = partial(midicallback, amp=amp,, quiet=args.quiet)
busstr = midiports(midi_in)[args.bus]
chanstr = 'MIDI channel {}'.format(
if == 0:
chanstr = 'all MIDI channels'
print('Listening to {} on bus "{}"'.format(chanstr, busstr))
midiloop(midi_in, args.bus) # exit main loop with KeyboardInterrupt
if __name__ == '__main__':
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