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# change the mac
/sbin/ifconfig $wan1 down
/sbin/ifconfig $wan2 down
echo "Both Interfaces down"
echo "Generating a new mac address"
#macadd=$(openssl rand -hex 6 | sed 's/\(..\)/\1:/g; s/:$//')
newmac=$(echo "$macadd")
sleep 2
/sbin/ifconfig $wan1 hw ether $(echo "$newmac")
/sbin/ifconfig $wan2 hw ether $(echo "$newmac")
echo "Both interfaces back up with updated mac address $macadd"
/sbin/ifconfig $wan1 up
/sbin/ifconfig $wan2 up
/sbin/uci set network.wan6.macaddr="$(echo "$newmac")"
/sbin/uci set network.wan.macaddr="$(echo "$newmac")"
echo "Mac address set to $newmac restart your cable modem"
echo "Settings verified"
/sbin/uci get network.wan6.macaddr
/sbin/uci get network.wan.macaddr
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