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Created June 27, 2019 15:02
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Click CliRunner with PDB working better under pytest
import contextlib
import io
import warnings
import pytest
from click.testing import CliRunner
In your tests:
def test_foo(cli_runner):
r = cli_runner.invoke(mycli, ["mycommand"])
assert r.exit_code == 0
In `some_command()`, add:
def mycommand():
import pytest; pytest.set_trace()
Then run via:
pytest --pdb-trace ...
Note any tests checking CliRunner stdout/stderr values will fail when --pdb-trace is set.
def pytest_addoption(parser):
help="Allow calling pytest.set_trace() in Click's CliRunner",
class MyCliRunner(CliRunner):
def __init__(self, *args, in_pdb=False, **kwargs):
self._in_pdb = in_pdb
super().__init__(*args, **kwargs)
def invoke(self, cli, args=None, **kwargs):
params = kwargs.copy()
if self._in_pdb:
params['catch_exceptions'] = False
return super().invoke(cli, args=args, **params)
def isolation(self, input=None, env=None, color=False):
if self._in_pdb:
if input or env or color:
warnings.warn("CliRunner PDB un-isolation doesn't work if input/env/color are passed")
return self.isolation_pdb()
return super().isolation(input=input, env=env, color=color)
def isolation_pdb(self):
s = io.BytesIO(b"{stdout not captured because --pdb-trace}")
yield (
not self.mix_stderr and s
def cli_runner(request):
""" A wrapper round Click's test CliRunner to improve usefulness """
return MyCliRunner(
# workaround Click's environment isolation so debugging works.
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