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Last active May 1, 2021 16:55
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post link and optional selection to mac app
javascript:if(document.getSelection().rangeCount > 0){s='> '+document.getSelection()+'\n\n';}else{s='';};t=document.title;l=location.href;p='['+t+']'+'('+l+')';document.location='microblog://post?text='+encodeURIComponent(s+p);
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rdela commented May 16, 2020

added check against document.getSelection().rangeCount > 0 instead of for the existence of document.getSelection because I was getting false positive when nothing selected, leading to the top lines having:


...above the linked title. This seems to fix that in Safari. Gonna test Chrome and Firefox now.

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manton commented May 1, 2021

Thanks for the reminder about this! If anyone wants to update it to start a post on the web version of, they can replace the microblog://post?text= with

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