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Static Site Fan Club 2024-03-20 More RSS Reading and WWW News

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aka Static Sites with Zach and Mike; Static Chronicles

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Chat log

Welcome to the chat room!


stefanjudis: Hey friends. 👋

zachleat: Howdy Stefan!

stefanjudis: Is there a reason why 11 is the best number? Is that the reason for 11ty's name? 😲

stefanjudis: haha... look at french then.

stefanjudis: german is logically. ;)

zachleat: I love the length of German words, logic over terseness

stefanjudis: Coulndn't you rely on system colors?

stefanjudis: and just let these figure it out?

stefanjudis: aah but right. you have to toggle it. 🤦‍♂️

10:16bob_monsour: Not a core feature

stefanjudis: Dark mode toggles are still TOO hard! :D

10:16bob_monsour: Car displays are doing this now

SnarlinBeast: HELLO

SnarlinBeast: it's Nick from Mastodon

SnarlinBeast: Yeah I think I stole it

SnarlinBeast: Didn't want to dox myself with second name lmao

bob_monsour: More coffee, Zach

SnarlinBeast: Talking about accessibility that gray you were using might be too light as even with WCAG algorithm Grays can report as passing when they're not as readable as they can be

SnarlinBeast: Yeah this newer algorithm might be better for grays worth looking at

SnarlinBeast: we had reports on design system from real users that our Grays were too light when they passed WCAG at least

SnarlinBeast: This stuff always makes you take a step back and think how these binary systems to determine barriers are not great

SnarlinBeast: Haaaa

SnarlinBeast: Lighthouse uses axe which unless theyve changed their rules doesn't do bitmap images

SnarlinBeast: I always advise started with automated tooling and building on that with testing with real users, e.g. you want to invest in making your feedback process is strong, doing user research etc

SnarlinBeast: Sorry for grammar I just realised confusing

SnarlinBeast: I only know them in the UK sorry

SnarlinBeast: One thing you can do is look into your companies regular customer service process and map out a journey that a disabled customer might do

SnarlinBeast: Love the 50s vibe

SnarlinBeast: I think that's because button buttons behave like that

SnarlinBeast: I think it's controversial because it assumes a lot about what modalities focus are useful for who. Knowing where you are on a page can be useful for all and not just keyboard users.

SnarlinBeast: E

SnarlinBeast: Like pointer users Vs keyboard users

SnarlinBeast: Sorry confusing

SnarlinBeast: How often are you doing these I like the vibe

bob_monsour: It's been every Wednesday at 10am Pacific

bob_monsour: Decompression is typically much faster than compression

SnarlinBeast: One tid bit on buttons is using the html attribute

SnarlinBeast: draggable="false"

SnarlinBeast: Regular button buttons if you drag them and release when you're not over them they won't activate

SnarlinBeast: So if you're making link buttons using that attribute it'll make them more consistent

SnarlinBeast: The declarative stuff has made me much more interested in web components again

SnarlinBeast: That's huge New

SnarlinBeast: I gotta head but enjoyed listening, will try and tune in again, take care

rickydelaveaga: bye!!

rickydelaveaga: lol yes

rickydelaveaga: u got wixed

rickydelaveaga: wixed that ass

rickydelaveaga: oh hell yeah vite, elk, nuxt etc, Anthony Fu is an OSS superhero


bob_monsour: Thanks guys!

rickydelaveaga: thank you!!

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rdela commented Mar 21, 2024

new regex find for timestamp cleanup


previously: 2024-03-13 Building an RSS reader in Eleventy

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