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Error loading /tmp/tun.kext in Clockworkmod's on Mac OS X / macOS -- I uninstalled OpenVPN to work around this

CWM vs OpenVPN on Mac OS X / macOS

Error description

An "Error loading /tmp/tun.kext" in Clockworkmod's for the Mac typically (often?) means that failed to detect and unload an interfering tun/tap kext. thus gets an error return from the OS when it tries to insert itself into an already occupied spot.

TunnelBlick client works

CWM does OK unloading the kexts for TunnelBlick (and probably Viscosity, though I don't have that). However, the OpenVPN kexts weren't found and turned down by as of May 2016.

My Fix: Uninstall OpenVPN client, use TunnelBlick in its place

My solution was to uninstall OpenVPN completely. I only had OpenVPN present to see it fail for data center VLAN access, and had months ago switched to TunnelBlick for production use.

After I completely uninstalled OpenVPN, can load its kext, and tethering works for me.

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