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Plot a PNG using matplotlib in a web request, using Flask.
"Plot a PNG using matplotlib in a web request, using Flask."
# Install dependencies, preferably in a virtualenv:
# pip install flask matplotlib
# Run the development server:
# python
# Go to http://localhost:5000/plot.png and see a plot of random data.
import random
import StringIO
from flask import Flask, make_response
from matplotlib.backends.backend_agg import FigureCanvasAgg as FigureCanvas
from matplotlib.figure import Figure
app = Flask(__name__)
def plot():
fig = Figure()
axis = fig.add_subplot(1, 1, 1)
xs = range(100)
ys = [random.randint(1, 50) for x in xs]
axis.plot(xs, ys)
canvas = FigureCanvas(fig)
output = StringIO.StringIO()
response = make_response(output.getvalue())
response.mimetype = 'image/png'
return response
if __name__ == '__main__':
sburns commented Apr 3, 2014

exactly what I needed, thank you.


i like it, thx!!!



mapfumo commented Sep 6, 2015

Awesome. Thank you.

smargs commented Oct 29, 2015

Hi, thank you for the code. I ran it and got this msg '* Restarting with stat'. So i installed watchdog suggested in this post and now I get this '* '*Restarting with windowsapi reloader'. And the localhost page doesn't work (keeps loading). Would you know how to make this work ? Thank you.


Is there a way to embed this into a flask template? Right now i'm passing the response variable into an html template using the render_template function, but the image is not showing up; instead, only the response string is rendering. Thank you in advance!


thank you for alternative way to show plotted graph !

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