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Provide simple CSV summary of calendar events in .ics file.
#!/usr/bin/env python3
# calendar_summary: provide simple CSV summary of calendar events in .ics file.
# Developed on python3.5 with:
# pip install click icalendar pytz
# Save calendar.ics from:
# Google Calendar: Calendar Settings > Calendar Details > Export Calendar
# Example invocation:
# python3 --tz US/Eastern calendar.ics > calendar.csv
import csv
import datetime
import sys
import click
import icalendar
import pytz
def summarize(reader, writer, tz=None):
tzinfo = pytz.timezone(tz) if tz is not None else None
for event in icalendar.Calendar.from_ical(
summary = event.get('SUMMARY', '')
dtstart = event.get('DTSTART', None)
if dtstart is not None:
dtstart = dtstart.dt
if isinstance(dtstart, datetime.datetime) and tzinfo is not None:
dtstart = dtstart.astimezone(tzinfo)
attendees = []
for attendee in event.get('ATTENDEE', []):
attendee = str(attendee)
if attendee.startswith('mailto:'):
attendee = attendee[7:]
record = [summary, dtstart]
def summarize_ics(filepath_ics, writer=None, tz=None):
if writer is None:
writer = csv.writer(sys.stdout)
return summarize(open(filepath_ics), writer=writer, tz=tz)
if __name__ == '__main__':
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