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Last active October 9, 2022 11:03
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Implementation of the BuildConfigProvider.kt
class BuildConfigProviderImpl
constructor(@ApplicationContext private val context: Context) : BuildConfigProvider {
private fun getFlavorMap(): MutableMap<String, String> {
return if (BuildConfig.BUILD_TYPE == "release") {
} else {
private fun getFieldFromBuildConfig(
clazz: Class<*>,
fieldName: String
): MutableMap<String, String> {
return clazz.getField(fieldName).get(null) as MutableMap<String, String>
override fun setFlavor(text: String) {
// Sets the selected flavor as chosen by the user
override fun getFlavor(): String {
val flavor = // // Gets the selected flavor as chosen by the user
return flavor ?: BuildConfig.FLAVOR
override fun getValue(key: String): String {
val flavorMap: MutableMap<String, String> = getFlavorMap()
return (flavorMap[key].toString())
private fun buildConfigurationFor(flavorName: String): MutableMap<String, String> {
val flavorPropertiesMap: MutableMap<String, String> by lazy {
return flavorPropertiesMap
override fun allFlavors(): List<String> {
return BuildConfig.SET_OF_FLAVORS
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