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Dima Scherbakov realdimas

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realdimas /
Last active Jan 23, 2022
Quake 3 Arena macOS quick start guide
  1. Install Q3 fork ioquake3 along with original game patch files (baseq3/pak{1-8}.pk3, missionpack/pak{1-3}.pk3)

    brew cask reinstall ioquake3
  2. Build ioquake3 master branch

    git clone
realdimas / reset_connect_via_direct_ssh_invocation.yml
Last active Apr 24, 2020
Manual reset_connection via local SSH invocation for Ansible v2.5.0 … v2.5.5 (fixed in v2.5.6)
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# As of Ansible 2.5.2 reset_connection meta function is broken
# (see
# Below is reimplementation of reset_connect via local ssh command invocation
# Requires Ansible 2.5+ (config lookup plugin) and OpenSSH 5.9+ ("-O stop" command)
# *Update*
# Fixed in v2.5.6
- name: Reset persistent connection to host