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Bookmarklet to pretty print Gist and Github pages without the usual page chrome, just content. Handy for Markdown document printing.

Pretty print bookmarklet helper for Gist pages

Create a new bookmark somewhere handy in your browser with the following URL:

javascript:var el=document.createElement('style');'print';el.innerHTML='#header,.pagehead.repohead,.gist-description.container,.file-box .meta,#comments,.js-comment-form,.gist-header,.file-header,.gisthead,#footer,div.commit-tease,div.file-navigation{display:none;}.file-box{border:0!important;}';document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(el);alert('Now, cmd+p to print');
  • Navigate to your Gist of choice
  • Hit the bookmarklet
  • Now print
  • Done!
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