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Check total amount you spent on Zomato
This is the script which can find cost spent on
Step 1: Visit, 'Profile' and click on 'Order History'
Step 2: Load all the orders by scrolling down and clicking on 'Load more' until it appears
Step 3: Run below script in Console (CTRL + SHIFT + I or CTRL + ALT + I) by copying/pasting after '>>' and press ENTER
costs = $('.cost b').get()
cost_regex = /\d+.\d*/g
total_cost = 0
for (cost in costs) {
if (costs[cost].innerHTML.match(cost_regex)) {
cost_in_int = parseInt(costs[cost].innerHTML.match(cost_regex)[0])
total_cost += cost_in_int
console.log('Total ', total_cost, ' spent on Zomato!')
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mahababa commented Sep 9, 2021

Any revision to this current script? The updated website doesnt support the script.

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realslimshanky commented Sep 9, 2021

@mahababa New site uses pagination on Order History and it's better to write a custom crawler using say Scrapy.

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