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Replacement jQuery.load() for use with innerShiv
// jQuery plugin based on .load() for use with innerShiv
// for more info
// $('selector').loadShiv('example.html selector');
jQuery.fn.loadShiv = function (url, params, callback) {
var off, selector, self, type;
if (!this.length || typeof url !== 'string') {
return this;
off = url.indexOf(' ');
if (off >= 0) {
selector = url.slice(off, url.length);
url = url.slice(0, off);
type = 'GET';
if (params) {
if (jQuery.isFunction(params)) {
callback = params;
params = null;
} else if (typeof params === 'object') {
params = jQuery.param(params, jQuery.ajaxSettings.traditional);
type = 'POST';
self = this;
url: url,
type: type,
dataType: 'html',
data: params,
complete: function (res, status) {
var shivved;
if (status === 'success' || status === 'notmodified') {
shivved = jQuery(innerShiv((selector ? '<div>' : '') + res.responseText, false));
if (selector) {
shivved = shivved.find(selector);
if (callback) {
self.each(callback, [res.responseText, status, res]);
return this;
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redoPop commented Mar 5, 2011

If you're loading an entire content fragment straight into the document (i.e., if you're $.load()ing into an element that's currently attached the shim'd document, and you're not including a selector in $.load()'s url parameter), you don't need to use loadShiv. Ultimately, ajax aside, all that's doing is setting innerHTML on an element that's already attached to the shim'd document, which isn't a problem. innerShiv is only needed when you're setting the innerHTML of an element outside the shim'd document, something jQuery has to do when using a selector on loaded content or when loading content into an element that's not attached to the document.

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craigmdennis commented Sep 12, 2011

Just a note to say that you need to include the innerShiv plugin as well as this gist. Works like a charm though.

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