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TermHere 1.3 New Strings
<!-- Title of the Help window. -->
<!-- Done button label. -->
<!-- Title of the setup window. -->
<string>Bentuk TermHere</string>
<!-- Explanation of how to enable the extension. -->
<string>Klik untuk buka pilihan Extensions. Dibawah TermHere, klik kotak semak disebelah “Finder”.</string>
<!-- Button that opens the Preferences app. -->
<string>Buka Pilihan</string>
<!-- Explanation of how to start the service. -->
<string>Anda mungkin perlu terima pengesahan segera sekuriti untuk mulakan Servis TermHere.</string>
<!-- Button that starts the service. -->
<string>Mulakan Servis</string>
<!-- Button that dismisses a popup window. -->
<!-- Label recommending the user contributes a tip (donation). -->
<string>Jika app ini berguna untuk kamu, sila pertimbangkan untuk menyumbang ke balang derma kami.</string>
<!-- Button that opens the tip jar webpage. -->
<!-- Button that sends a tip. %@ is the defined tip amount. -->
<string>Derma %@</string>
<!-- Displayed on the tip button while it loads the tip amount. -->
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