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Last active July 28, 2021 05:27
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PowerShell: What's the difference between ShouldContinue and ShouldProcess?
# The default is High. Setting it here for clarity.
$ConfirmPreference = 'High'
# Use this to prompt the user by default. Use -Force to disable prompting.
# NOTE: that you have to add the $Force parameter yourself, as shown above. It doesn't even have to be
# named $force. How you implement this is up to you.
if ($Force -or $PSCmdlet.ShouldContinue("Some resource", "Would you like to continue?") ) {
Write-Host "If you're reading this, you either passed in `$Force or typed 'Y' when prompted." -ForegroundColor Red
# Use this to NOT prompt by default. Use -Confirm to enable prompting. Or, use the -WhatIf option to
# print to console the anticipated outcome of running this block - without actually running it.
# NOTE: Both -Confirm and -Whatif are common PS parameters. You don't need to implemented them like $Force was above.
if ($PSCmdlet.ShouldProcess("Some other resource", "Would you like to process?") ) {
Write-Host 'This will always run UNLESS the -Confirm or -Whatif option is used.' -ForegroundColor Red
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