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Refayat Haque refayathaque

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refayathaque / lambda-python-venv-deployments
Last active Feb 22, 2018
Dependency Worry-Free Python Lambda Deployments
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In the past, our team has been plagued with python dependency issues when updating our Lambda deployment packages. With the
help of senior developers we were able to update the python modules by 'building from source'. Essentially, our senior
developers would spin up an Amazon Linux machines and build out the python package there by running `pip install` for all
our modules. What resulted from these processess were certain `.so` files which we then had to include in our Lambda
deployment packages before we zipped them up and uploaded them to the Lambda Management Console. However, now, with the help
of virtual environments we may be able to introduce updated versions of existing python modules in our Lambda functions
without the need for these esoteric `.so` files. Here is what we advice you run on your terminal:
# Installing the python virtual environment
pip install virtualenv
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