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Last active March 23, 2020 19:49
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This script solves the problem of running multiple deadline slaves on one workstation and then attempting to bootstrap a Shotgun pipeline config as part of a deadline task. The script does this by setting a unique path for each slave's Shotgun session (using the SHOTGUN_HOME environment variable)Save this script to your deadline repo's 'custom/p…
from System.IO import *
from Deadline.Events import *
from Deadline.Scripting import *
import os
def set_slave_specific_shotgun_home_path(deadlinePlugin):
In situations where you have multiple deadline Slaves on a single rendernode
Shotgun may fail to bootstrap a pipelineconfig if more than one slave
attempts to bootstrap at the same time. This is because by default each
slave will use the same location to store it's shotgun pipeline configuration so
when more than one slave is bootstrapping, there may be two processes attempting to
copy files to the same location at the same time, thus causing an error.
Setting a slave-specific directory per slave prevents this clash from occurring.
:param deadlinePlugin: The deadlinePlugin class passed from __main__
:return: None
deadlinePlugin.LogInfo(". Setting-up environment")
slavename = deadlinePlugin.GetSlaveName()
deadlinePlugin.SetProcessEnvironmentVariable("DEADLINE_SLAVENAME", slavename)
SHOTGUN_HOME = os.path.join('c:\\', 'studio','shotgun','cache',slavename)
deadlinePlugin.LogInfo(". setting SHOTGUN_HOME : %s" % SHOTGUN_HOME)
deadlinePlugin.SetProcessEnvironmentVariable("SHOTGUN_HOME", SHOTGUN_HOME)
def __main__(deadlinePlugin):
# Set SHOTGUN_HOME environment variable to slave-specific location
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Can you provide any more info on how to use this script. Looks like your description is cut off at the top of the gist page. Would very much appreciate it.

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Nevermind, i found your blog. Thanks for sharing!

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