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Created August 16, 2020 19:21
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@metamask/inpage-provider draft types
export type SerializableValue = string | number | null | undefined;
export type EthereumParameterValue = SerializableValue | Record<string, SerializableValue>;
export interface RequestArguments {
method: string;
params?: EthereumParameterValue[];
export interface ProviderConnectInfo {
chainId: string;
export interface ProviderRpcError extends Error {
message: string;
code: number;
data?: any;
export interface ProviderMessage {
type: string;
data: any;
export interface EIP1193 {
request(args: RequestArguments): Promise<EthereumParameterValue | EthereumParameterValue[]>;
on<RT>(eventType: 'message', listener: (message: ProviderMessage) => void): RT;
on<RT>(eventType: 'accountsChanged', listener: (accounts: string[]) => void): RT;
on<RT>(eventType: 'chainChanged', listener: (chainId: string) => void): RT;
on<RT>(eventType: 'disconnect', listener: (error: ProviderRpcError) => void): RT;
on<RT>(eventType: 'connect', listener: (connectInfo: ProviderConnectInfo) => void): RT;
on<RT>(eventType: string, listener: () => void): RT;
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