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Setting up git send-email in OS X
  1. Configure Gmail in you gitconfig:
  smtpserver =
  smtpserverport = 587
  smtpencryption = tls
  smtpuser = <gmail email address>
  from = <email address for From: field>
  1. I recommend setting up an application-specific password in Google dedicated to git.
Account -> Security -> Connected applications and sites : Manage Access
  1. Determine your revlist. To send a single commit, just use the sha. To send a range of commits, you can use start_sha..end_sha. Most likely, you'll want to send the commits made to a branch that are missing in upstream. For that, you would use: upstream/branch_name..branch_name

  2. Send email:

git send-email <revlist> --to <>
  1. If you receive an error like this:
Can't locate Net/SMTP/ in @INC (@INC contains: ...

You may need to upgrade/install the Net::SMTP::SSL or IO::Socket::SSL packages:

sudo -H cpan -f Net::SMTP::SSL
sudo -H cpan -f IO::Socket::SSL

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kgadek commented Feb 14, 2016

For me worked by calling cpan -f Net::SMTP::SSL without sudo.


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tmm1 commented Oct 25, 2017

Did not work without sudo.


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jdek commented Mar 18, 2018

Note that you also need to make sure you use the system cpan (/usr/bin/cpan) when updating/installing Net::SMTP::SSL or IO::Socket::SSL.

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