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Last active Mar 2, 2022
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Extract JSON object from QR code
// Extract JSON payload from SHC QR code (without any kind of private/public key verification)
// Credits + inspiration
// Usage
// $ node shc.js "shc:/01234569…"
const zlib = require("zlib");
// Extract the QR data from arguments
const data = process.argv[2];
// Convert the data to a JWT and extract its base64-encode payload
const payload = data
.map((number) => String.fromCharCode(parseInt(number, 10) + 45))
// Decode the payload
const buffer = Buffer.from(payload, "base64");
// Uncompress the payload and print the result
zlib.inflateRaw(buffer, (err, result) => {
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sylvainfilteau commented May 14, 2021

docker run -it --rm --name shc -v `pwd`/shc.js:/usr/src/app/shc.js node:16 node /usr/src/app/shc.js <qr code content>

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fproulx-boostsecurity commented May 17, 2021

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gregsadetsky commented May 20, 2021

Merci @remi! :-)

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007Quebec commented Sep 19, 2021

Salut jai le string jwt jaimerais le convertir en format shc :/ pour cree un code QR pouvez vous maidez

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