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youtube-dl m3u8 wrapper
from sys import argv
import os
import re
import subprocess
import urllib.request
import urllib.parse
import youtube_dl
from gi.repository import Notify
def url_basename(url):
path = urllib.parse.urlparse(url).path
return path.strip('/').split('/')[-1]
def absolute_url(url, base_url):
return url if re.match(r'^https?://', url) else urllib.parse.urljoin(base_url, url)
with youtube_dl.YoutubeDL({}) as ydl:
info = ydl.extract_info(argv[1], download=False)
if info['protocol'].startswith('m3u8'):
url = info['url']
title = info['title']
http_headers = info['http_headers']
if not os.path.exists('%s/media_segments' % title):
request = urllib.request.Request(url, headers=http_headers)
media_playlist = urllib.request.urlopen(request).read().decode()
if not os.path.exists(title):
with open('%s.m3u8' % title, 'w') as mod_media_playlist:
with open('%s/media_segments' % title, 'w') as media_segments:
for line in media_playlist.splitlines():
line = line.strip()
if line:
if not line.startswith('#'):
segment_url = absolute_url(line, url)
media_segments.write(segment_url + '\n')
line = '%s/%s' % (title, url_basename(segment_url))
elif line.startswith('#EXT-X-KEY:'):
key_url = absolute_url('URI="([^"]+)"', line).group(1), url)
key_path = '%s/%s' % (title, url_basename(key_url))
request = urllib.request.Request(key_url, headers=http_headers)
with open(key_path, 'wb') as key:
line = line.replace('URI="%s"' % key_url, 'URI="%s"' % key_path)
mod_media_playlist.write(line + '\n')
cmd = ['aria2c', '-j', '1', '--on-download-complete', '', '--on-download-error', '', '--save-session', 'media_segments', '-i', 'media_segments']
for key, val in http_headers.items():
cmd += ['--header', '%s: %s' % (key, val)]
Notify.init("M3U8 Downloader")
p = subprocess.Popen(cmd)
Notification ='M3U8 Downloader', 'download completed', 'dialog-information')
Notification ='M3U8 Downloader', 'download failed', 'dialog-information')
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