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Trims the surrounding transparent pixels from a canvas
// MIT
function trim(c) {
var ctx = c.getContext('2d'),
copy = document.createElement('canvas').getContext('2d'),
pixels = ctx.getImageData(0, 0, c.width, c.height),
l =,
bound = {
top: null,
left: null,
right: null,
bottom: null
x, y;
for (i = 0; i < l; i += 4) {
if ([i+3] !== 0) {
x = (i / 4) % c.width;
y = ~~((i / 4) / c.width);
if ( === null) { = y;
if (bound.left === null) {
bound.left = x;
} else if (x < bound.left) {
bound.left = x;
if (bound.right === null) {
bound.right = x;
} else if (bound.right < x) {
bound.right = x;
if (bound.bottom === null) {
bound.bottom = y;
} else if (bound.bottom < y) {
bound.bottom = y;
var trimHeight = bound.bottom -,
trimWidth = bound.right - bound.left,
trimmed = ctx.getImageData(bound.left,, trimWidth, trimHeight);
copy.canvas.width = trimWidth;
copy.canvas.height = trimHeight;
copy.putImageData(trimmed, 0, 0);
// open new window with trimmed image:
return copy.canvas;

joloco commented Feb 13, 2012

Great code, just what I needed! The only thing I changed was that bound.bottom and bound.right both need incrementing by one after the loop, or the bottom-most and right-most rows of pixels get trimmed off.

Awesome, thanks for that

Hello remy, just wondering if is possible to add an example.
Thank you for the code.

smaier commented Jun 11, 2014

thanks a lot! Great

EricJLD commented Jun 15, 2014

Hello Remy, your tool seems to be what I am looking for. great I hv been spending my wknd browsing over many sites.
however, i'm very new in html/js ...
may I you to add some more lines to make it a full concrete example with an image file that I could copy/past and make work. then, I will adapt to my need ? sorry for this request but it's necessary for me to get started. thk you very much in avance. Eric

Using this in a school project. Thank you very much

br750 commented Nov 27, 2015

Awesome, just too much guy ;-)

onassar commented Feb 5, 2016

@joloco Any chance you have your code for this, so many years later?

Man this saves my life, thanks!

WingMrL commented Dec 2, 2016

Thank you very much !

Wooh, awesome!
Working with konvajs, I use it like this:[77].toCanvas()).toDataURL());

This isn't working for me, it is only trimming 1px on each dimension.

Thanks a lot.

Awesome and intelligent code! I just modified it to add padding to the image cropped.

timdown commented Jul 24, 2017

Thanks, just what I needed. One tiny improvement: you could use the original canvas element's ownerDocument rather than document to create the copy so that they both exist in the same document. This could be important if your canvas comes from an iframe which has different fonts loaded to the main document and you want to draw text on the trimmed canvas (which happens to be exactly what I want to do).

timdown commented Jul 25, 2017

Also, this crops one pixel too much on the right and bottom. You need to add one to bounds.bottom and bounds.right (or to trimWidth and trimHeight).

timdown commented Jul 26, 2017

I created my own with some optimizations to minimize the number of pixels examined:

Thank you very much !

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