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remyers /
Last active Apr 27, 2020
LNProxy Ubuntu 18.04 Quick Start

Ubuntu 18.04 install steps:

$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt upgrade
$ sudo apt install software-properties-common
$ sudo apt install python-pip -y
$ sudo apt install python3-pip -y
$ sudo apt install python3.7-venv -y
$ sudo apt install python3.7-dev -y
remyers / gist:e2d4ba6a5cd277d6e319a52492425b90
Last active Nov 13, 2019
Debugging SighatureHash in interpreter.cpp
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Add this code at end of add_eltoo_witness
self.log.debug("\nbtcdeb --tx=%s --txin=%s --modify-flags=\"-NULLFAIL\"\n",tx_hex, spend_tx_hex)
or to debug from a transaction:
self.log.debug("btcdeb --tx=%s --txin=%s\n", ToHex(close_tx), ToHex(setup_tx[A]) )
Add code before and in the method after the normal CHashWriter call to serialize the txTo.
template <class T>

Looking for optimally minimal data transfer to send a transaction.

Just throwing this out there; I'm sure we can do better.

Some stuff should be pre-agreed by anyone following this protocol. For example:

  • Preagreed: script type (say legacy P2PKH)
  • Preagreed: version 1, locktime 0, sequence maxint-1, fee 10K sats (tweak this later)

Receiver has address AR, requests X sats.

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Verifying my Blockstack ID is secured with the address 16ZGScXvPR8DU1Bs2MagWwXHi8B1yatjnM
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Verifying that "" is my Blockstack ID.
remyers /
Last active Jun 9, 2016
Verify username with

Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am remyers on github.
  • I am rem ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key whose fingerprint is 18C1 3490 9A1C C727 E17C 5284 4B57 A032 8D76 5D86

To claim this, I am signing this object:

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