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abstract class _State {
T use<T>(
T Function(_ChooseProviderState) useChooseProviderState,
T Function(_LoadingState) useLoadingState,
T Function(_ChooseAccountsState) useChooseAccountState,
T Function(_ImportingState) useImportingState) {
if (this is _ChooseProviderState) {
return useChooseProviderState(this);
if (this is _LoadingState) {
return useLoadingState(this);
if (this is _ChooseAccountsState) {
return useChooseAccountState(this);
if (this is _ImportingState) {
return useImportingState(this);
throw Exception('Invalid state');
class _ChooseProviderState extends _State {}
class _LoadingState extends _State {}
class _ChooseAccountsState extends _State {
final List<String> accounts;
final Set<String> selected;
_ChooseAccountsState(this.accounts) : selected = Set();
class _ImportingState extends _State {
final List<String> imported;
final List<String> failed;
final List<String> processing;
final List<String> queue;
_ImportingState(this.imported, this.failed, this.processing, this.queue);
// just to compile
class Widget {
final String something;
class BuildContext {}
class MyWidget {
_State _state = _LoadingState();
Widget build(BuildContext context) {
return _state.use(
(chooseProvider) => _buildChooseProvider(context, chooseProvider),
(loading) => _buildLoading(context, loading),
(chooseAccounts) => _buildChooseAccounts(context, chooseAccounts),
(importing) => _buildImporting(context, importing));
_buildChooseProvider(BuildContext context, _ChooseProviderState state) =>
Widget("choose provider");
_buildLoading(BuildContext context, _LoadingState state) => Widget("loading");
_buildChooseAccounts(BuildContext context, _ChooseAccountsState state) =>
Widget("choose accounts");
_buildImporting(BuildContext context, _ImportingState state) =>
main() {
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