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Middleman email obfuscate helper
# ====================================
# Obfuscate email
# Adapted from:
# Usage:
# = mailto('', 'Get in touch', 'btn btn--nav')
# ====================================
MAIL_TO = 'mailto:'
AT = '@'
DOT = '.'
def mailto email="", string="contact me", classes
comp = email.split("@")
# process string, if it is an email address
if string.include?("@") then
string.gsub!("@", AT + "‌").gsub!(".", DOT)
return "<a class=\"#{classes}\" href='javascript:void(0)' rel='nofollow' onclick='str1=\"#{comp[0]}\";str2=\"#{comp[1]}\";this.href=\"#{MAIL_TO}\" + str1 + \"@\" + str2'>#{string}</a>"
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Ross-Hunter commented May 9, 2017

Seems legit, but worked for me (for future generations who come here looking for this functionality).

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