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Tabela com as teclas para o mode Vi e Emacs
Function vi emacs
Append selection A
Back to indentation ^ M-m
Bottom of history G M-<
Clear selection Escape C-g
Copy selection Enter M-w
Copy to named buffer "
Cursor down j Down
Cursor left h Left
Cursor right l Right
Cursor to bottom line L
Cursor to middle line M M-r
Cursor to top line H M-R
Cursor up k Up
Delete entire line d C-u
Delete/Copy to end of line D C-k
End of line $ C-e
Go to line : g
Half page down C- d M-Down
Half page up C-u M-Up
Jump again ; ;
Jump again in reverse , ,
Jump backward F F
Jump forward f f
Jump to backward T
Jump to forward t
Next page C-f Page down
Next space W
Next space, end of word E
Next word w
Next word end e M-f
Other end of selection o
Paste buffer p C-y
Previous page C-b Page up
Previous space B
Previous word b M-b
Quit mode q Escape
Rectangle toggle v R
Scroll down C-Down or C-e C-Down
Scroll up C-Up or C-y C-Up
Search again n n
Search again in reverse N N
Search backward ? C-r
Search forward / C-s
Select line V
Start of line 0 C-a
Start selection Space C-Space
Top of history g M->
Transpose characters C-t
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