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{"meta":{"theme":"elegant","lastModified":"2024-02-20T23:39:60","canonical":"","alternate":"https//","source":"","_source":""},"basics":{"name":"Renoir Boulanger","label":"Expert in Front-End Ops, UI Libraries who cares about Accessibility","image":"","picture":"","email":"","url":"","website":"","summary":"Experienced full-stack developer dedicated to creating web solutions that excel in Accessibility, Performance, and Code Quality. Strong emphasis on continuous testing, test-driven development (TDD), and managing packages to maintain code integrity. A polyglot programmer contributing to open-source projects. Maintained hosting architecture for high-visibility sites. Proficient in Cloud IaaS, Containers, and continuous deployment systems.","location":{"city":"Montréal","region":"Quebec","countryCode":"CA"},"profiles":[{"network":"LinkedIn","username":"renoirb","url":""},{"network":"Twitter","username":"renoirb","url":""},{"network":"GitHub","username":"renoirb","url":""},{"network":"GitLab","username":"renoirb","url":""}],"highlights":["Polyglot programmer; TypeScript, ECMAScript, JavaScript, PHP, GNU Make, Ruby, C#, Vagrant, Ruby","Experience in Infrastructure As Code with Salt Stack, Vagrant, Ansible, Puppet, Bash","Contributor to open-source projects such as Nuxt.js, Alpine Linux, MediaWiki (i.e. and Mozilla Firefox Accounts","Maintained Web Hosting architecture for high-visibility sites, including W3C’s WebPlatform project, and the World Wide Web’s 25th anniversary Site","Experience with Cloud IaaS, Containers, and maintenance of continuous deployment systems"]},"work":[{"name":"Full-time parenting","company":"Full-time parenting","position":"Father","location":"Montréal, QC, Canada","remote":false,"contract":false,"startDate":"2022-06-01","website":"","summary":"Full-time caregiver for children."},{"name":"Self-Employed","company":"Self-Employed","position":"Maintainer/Owner","location":"Montréal, QC, Canada","remote":false,"contract":false,"startDate":"2025-09-01","website":"","summary":"Plan to build and publish open-source UI library packages, including specialized components like calendar and complex date pickers and other common patterns, leveraging automation and design system principles for enhanced accessibility, performance, and code quality. Additionally, intend to contribute to existing UI Libraries in React, Vue, and Angular by implementing new modules while ensuring full compatibility with each platform."},{"name":"GoTo Inc.","company":"GoTo Inc.","position":"Staff Software Developer","location":"Montréal, QC, Canada","remote":true,"contract":false,"startDate":"2021-01-11","endDate":"2022-05-01","website":"","description":"Powered by category-defining products like GoTo Connect, GoTo Connect, GoTo Meeting, GoTo Webinar, GoTo Resolve, LastPass, Rescue, and more. With tens of millions of active users, more than 3,500 global employees, over $1.3 billion in annual revenue and approximately 2 million customers in over 190 countries. Today, GoTo is the trusted partner for companies of all sizes to connect, collaborate, secure their workforces, and support employees and customers.","summary":"As a Staff Software Developer at GoTo Inc., I contributed to mentoring colleagues on best practices in Web Standards and Accessibility, ensuring the delivery of high-quality, reusable frontend code.","highlights":["Help other software developers with my experience with Web Standards, Accessibility and how to maintain and bundle Frontend code to optimize re-usability and reliability.","Contribute to the architecture of GoTo next generation micro-frontend “Application Shell” from which other experiences (e.g. meeting, contacts management, etc) runs in.","Built and demonstrated how to organize packages in smaller units maintained with their own test suites for usage between different applications"],"contributions":[{"name":"lit-labs/context Web Components “Context API” Protocol","url":""}],"technologies":["Accessibility","CodeceptJS","ECMAScript","HTML/CSS","Jest","lit-html","microsoft/fast","Node.js","Playwright","TypeScript","WCAG"]},{"name":"RBC Royal Bank of Canada Inc.","company":"RBC Royal Bank of Canada Inc.","position":"Senior Full Stack Developer","location":"Montréal, QC, Canada","remote":true,"contract":false,"startDate":"2020-03-01","endDate":"2020-12-18","website":"","description":"Royal Bank of Canada is Canada’s largest bank, and one of the largest banks in the world, based on market capitalization. We have over 80,000 full and part-time employees who serve more than 16 million personal, business, public sector and institutional clients through offices in Canada, the U.S. and 37 other countries.","summary":"At RBC, I served as a Senior Full-Stack Developer, leading the implementation of scalable modules for the RBC Omni platform (Online Business Banking). I collaborated closely with cross-functional teams to deliver solutions aligned with business objectives. Noteworthy achievements include streamlining developer onboarding processes and enhancing legacy systems for improved performance and reliability.","highlights":["Make implementation proposals driven by the requirements and agenda set by product owners and business analysts.","Build scalable and reusable modules by collaborating with other production teams, including the design system/platform team.","Rewritten new developer onboarding documentation and completely automated how to properly setup the current password to be used properly through Git and other scripting, including the Bank´s authoritative self-signed certificate that would cause many headaches."],"highlights.more":["Re-Implement and improve link manager to legacy application system. So that the HTML templates contains a “Link Id”, and how it dynamically creates an hidden form and properly redirects to legacy HTML views.","Revise and make migration strategies for my Squad’s Angular monorepo to use Jest and ESLint 7 along with Prettier with automated LintStaged commit hooks.","Implement advanced Angular data-driven patterns to guide my colleagues away from filling HTML templates and instead use classes to provide data. Including how to rewrite forms using FormGroups instead of template","Make module stubs for the Backend chapter to write Express.js middleware in isolation instead of from a monolith","Written extensive onboarding documentation taking into account how to properly and automatically adjust developer tools at every password change. Avoiding popular “Ignore this error” and rather use corporate signed TLS certificate right"],"technologies":["Angular","HTML/CSS","JavaScript","Jest","Node.js","TypeScript","WCAG"]},{"name":"CGI Inc.","company":"CGI Inc.","position":"Senior Technical Consultant (Lead Frontend)","location":"Montréal, QC, Canada","remote":false,"contract":false,"hidden":false,"startDate":"2017-05-01","endDate":"2020-02-28","website":"","description":"CGI Inc. (NYSE GIB), provides information technology (IT) and business process services in Canada, Europe, the United States, and the Asia Pacific. Its services include the management of IT and business outsourcing, systems integration and consulting, and software solutions selling activities.","summary":"As a Senior Technical Consultant, I led the development of Unify360, a Multi-Cloud Management Platform. Leveraging microservices architecture and atomic design principles, I orchestrated the design and implementation of a robust frontend solution deployed across multiple regions. My role involved extensive experimentation with modern technologies and mentoring team members to foster a culture of innovation.","highlights":["Experiment and document Frontend software development platform technological choices","Lead the team that work and coach for writing code with tests, making self-contained and re-usable packages"],"highlights.more":["Implement prototype for a modern Unify360 Frontend using Vue.js, Nuxt.js, TypeScript, GraphQL, Koa.js and planned how to migrate all views into new platform effectively replacing code written in Perl and PHP 5.3, and also replacing HTML partial Microservice;","Research and Technical Requirements Analysis for modernizing Unify360 UI layer. Made comparison between React, Angular, Vue.js and different UI Component Libraries such as Google Material Design, Element UI, Quasar;","Design and implement an HTML partial Microservice with PHP 7.2, Slim framework, Mustache PECL extension for a new section of Unify360 portal;"],"technologies":["Alpine Linux","AVA","Docker","Docker Swarm","GitLab","HTML/CSS","JavaScript","Jest","Koa.js","Node.js","Nuxt.js","Perl","PHP 7.2","RushJS","Slim Framework","Sonatype Nexus","TypeScript","Vagrant","Vue.js"],"contributions":[{"name":"egoist/bili","url":""},{"name":"nuxt.js/docs","url":""},{"name":"alpinelinux/aports","url":""},{"name":"clarkdo/hare","url":""},{"name":"composer/composer","url":""},{"name":"graph-gophers/graphql-go","url":""},{"name":"vue-i18n","url":""}]},{"name":"AlayaCare","company":"AlayaCare","position":"Senior Software Developer","remote":false,"contract":false,"url":"","website":"","hidden":false,"startDate":"2016-11-07","endDate":"2017-05-01","summary":"During my tenure at AlayaCare, I focused on optimizing Docker Compose builds and enhancing team productivity through streamlined workspace setups. I led initiatives to automate development environment configurations, reducing setup time from days to hours. My efforts significantly improved collaboration and efficiency across the software development team.","highlights":["Overhaul of the Software development team’s workspace setup, which allowed anyone to have exactly the same setup by invoking a few simple commands. A fresh computer would be ready after 1h instead of taking multiple days and asking around to other colleagues."],"technologies":["GNU Make","Ansible","Docker Compose","Docker"]},{"name":"Colloquial/Betastream via 6973051 Canada Inc. (remote)","client":"Colloquial / Betastream","company":"Colloquial / Betastream","position":"Systems Delivery Blueprinting Specialist (remote)","remote":true,"contract":true,"url":"","website":"","hidden":false,"startDate":"2016-01-01","endDate":"2016-06-17","description":"The J. Walter Thompson Company (JWT) has teamed up with Group SJR, a unit of Hill+Knowlton Strategies, to launch a new content marketing unit called Colloquial. Headquartered at JWT’s New York office, Colloquial is primed to be the “the intersection of advertising, publishing and public relations, with storytelling and creativity at its core.”","summary":"As a Systems Delivery Blueprinting Specialist, I played a pivotal role in driving continuous delivery and deployment initiatives for Colloquial/Betastream projects. I designed and implemented robust cloud orchestration solutions, automating deployment processes across multiple cloud platforms. My contributions streamlined development workflows and enhanced project scalability and reliability.","highlights":["Introduce and coach the team Continuous Delivery and Code release, and deployment system.","Plan, Review, and Build a next-generation infrastructure and deployment system for the project production pipeline."],"highlights.more":["Released a Cloud Orchestration solution using Salt Stack, running on Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure, where we can manage automatically Web Applications, deployment levels, build steps and dependencies consistently;","Introduced HashiCorp Vagrant workflow to automatically manage Web Developer’s PHP setup using VirtualBox and Canonical Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS. By doing so, every developer got the same Web Server setup as in production;","Introduced automated packaging for every WordPress projects, by leveraging Composer’s archive feature. The automated build process would first pull all dependencies, run code-quality linters, and if successful, create a Zip archive. By merging on master on Bitbucket would generate an archive, and the continuous-delivery system make all web server nodes to download the archive, extract its contents in a folder. Deploying a release would be changing the “live” symbolic to the newly extracted package;","Introduced advanced Varnish caching with Fastly. Created HashiCorp Vagrant workspace network (e.g. one Web Server VM, one Database server, one Varnish VM) to allow working on Varnish VCL caching scripts."],"technologies":["AWS","Azure","CloudFlare","EC2","GCP","Jenkins","Monit","Python","RDS","SaltStack","SysDig","Vagrant","Varnish","WordPress"]},{"name":"CAE via 6973051 Canada Inc.","client":"CAE","company":"CAE","position":"Systems Delivery Blueprinting Specialist","location":"Montréal, QC, Canada","remote":false,"contract":true,"url":"","website":"","hidden":false,"startDate":"2016-03-01","endDate":"2016-06-01","description":"CAE is a global leader in training for the civil aviation, defence and security, and healthcare markets. Backed by a record of more than 70 years of industry firsts, we continue to help define global training standards with our innovative virtual-to-live training solutions to make flying safer.","summary":"At CAE, I provided expert guidance on continuous delivery and code release strategies, contributing to the evaluation and implementation of real-time monitoring solutions. I collaborated with cross-functional teams to assess and recommend open-source tools, ensuring compliance with stringent security requirements. My initiatives facilitated seamless deployment and monitoring of critical systems.","highlights":["Introduce and coach the team Continuous Delivery and Code release, and deployment system. Including techniques for preparing “playbooks” packages for deployment within the airtight (securized) private network.","Compared Prometheus, Heka, Ganglia, Grafana, Kibana, and other TimeSeries aggregation and visualization systems. The ideal system had to take into account the airtight networking policies which included corporate TLS certificate, and deployment targets would often be inaccessible to the Internet."],"highlights.more":["Introduced a method to maintain network of Virtual Machines with HashiCorp Vagrant leveraging VirtualBox private networking","Proposed a configuration management using Bash 4 so that current system administrators could use a language they already know."],"technologies":["Beats","ElasticSearch Kibana","Ganglia","Grafana","Heka","InfluxDB Telegraf","LibreSSL","LogStash","Monit","Mozilla Heka","Prometheus","Bash","Vagrant"]},{"name":"Mozilla via 6973051 Canada Inc. (remote)","client":"Mozilla","company":"Mozilla","position":"Subject Matter Expert Compatibility Data Project","remote":true,"contract":true,"url":"","website":"","hidden":false,"startDate":"2015-08-01","endDate":"2016-01-01","description":"Mozilla is a global, nonprofit organization dedicated to making the Web better. We emphasize principle over profit and believe that the Web is a shared public resource to be cared for, not a commodity to be sold. We work with a worldwide community to create open source products like Mozilla Firefox, and to innovate for the benefit of the individual and the betterment of the Web.","summary":"As a Subject Matter Expert on the Compatibility Data Project at Mozilla, I spearheaded software architecture discussions and collaborated with stakeholders to define project requirements. My contributions included developing innovative solutions for data visualization and storage, enabling developers to access accurate compatibility information across various web browsers.","highlights":["Communicate with various stakeholders about the requirements and features for the system."],"highlights.more":["Created a client-side DataTable rendering system with Vanilla JavaScript","Prototyped a file-based Compatibility data storage"]},{"name":"W3C/MIT via 6973051 Canada Inc. (remote)","client":"W3C/MIT","company":"W3C/MIT","position":"“Developer Operations Engineer” (i.e. “DevOps”)","remote":true,"contract":true,"url":"","website":"","hidden":false,"startDate":"2013-08-01","endDate":"2015-08-01","description":"The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is an international community where Member organizations, a full-time staff, and the public work together to develop Web standards. Led by Web inventor and Director Tim Berners-Lee and CEO Jeffrey Jaffe, W3C’s mission is to lead the Web to its full potential.","summary":"At W3C/MIT, I played a key role in maintaining and enhancing the WebPlatform Docs project, overseeing infrastructure stability and feature development. I implemented robust monitoring solutions and streamlined deployment processes, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. My efforts contributed to the project's success in becoming a premier resource for web developers worldwide.","highlights":["Convert and preserve many hundred thousand edits, and keep trace of the content edition contributors and date of the change from MediaWiki into Static site generators and Git (2015)","Improved Infrastructure deployment code so that any service could be rebuilt systematically (2015)","Designed and Implemented Single Sign-On solution using OAuth2 (2014)"],"highlights.more":["Implemented a self-healing monitoring (2015)","Designed and built a Web Browser feature compatibility table system for documentation pages (2014)","Migrated the infrastructure to different providers along with Operating-System upgrades (2013, 2015)"],"contributions":[{"name":"webplatform/ops","url":""},{"name":"renoirb/salt-basesystem","url":""},{"name":"webplatform/salt-states","url":""},{"name":"renoirb/mediawiki-conversion","url":""},{"name":"webplatform/content-converter","url":""},{"name":"","url":""},{"name":"","url":""}],"technologies":["Backbone.js","Bower","Discourse","DNS Bind","Docker","ElasticSearch","Express.js","Fastly","Gerrit","Gulp","HTML/CSS","","JavaScript","MediaWiki","Memcached","Monit","MySQL","NGINX","Node.js","OpenStack Nova, Cinder, Horizon, Swift","PHP","Python","Redis","Salt Stack","SASS","Vagrant","WordPress"]},{"name":"Ericsson via 6973051 Canada Inc.","client":"Ericsson","company":"Ericsson","position":"Web Developer","location":"Montréal, QC, Canada","remote":false,"contract":true,"url":"","website":"","hidden":false,"startDate":"2012-02-01","endDate":"2013-06-01","description":"","summary":"As a Web Developer at Ericsson, I led the development of a web-based virtualization provisioning portal, enabling users to initiate virtual machines across geographically dispersed data centers. My role involved architecting and implementing innovative solutions using cutting-edge technologies, driving improvements in scalability and performance.","highlights":["Architect, build and lead a Web-based “Virtualization provisioning” portal."],"technologies":["Git","HTML/CSS","JavaScript","jQuery","LESSCSS","MySQL","OpenStack Grizzly","PHP","Puppet","Symfony 2","Twitter Bootstrap","Vagrant","VMWare ESXi"]},{"name":"Evocatio Solutions technologiques Inc.","company":"Evocatio Solutions technologiques Inc.","position":"Senior Web Developer, Co-Founder","location":"Montréal, QC, Canada","remote":false,"contract":false,"hidden":false,"startDate":"2010-01-01","endDate":"2012-03-01","description":"Co-founded Evocatio Solutions technologies Inc. with two old friends. Our partnership lasted 2 years and at the peak we had 10 employees on our payroll, some of our work won prizes in local industry competitions and other projects got deployed in cities around the globe. The company worked on projects namely for the French-Canadian Artist Union (UDA), Astral Media, Equisoft, Quebec’s professional farmers’ union (UPA), Rolls-Royce and Rogers Media.","summary":"As Senior Web Developer and Co-Founder of Evocatio Solutions, I led web development projects for prestigious clients, including UDA and Astral Media. My responsibilities encompassed architecting frontend solutions, collaborating with graphic designers, and optimizing web applications for performance and usability. Notable achievements include spearheading major website rewrites and implementing advanced e-mail delivery systems.","highlights":["Lead and architect all Web Development work related to the FrontEnd layer of the stack.","In touch with Graphic Designers and Project Managers to create valid HTML/CSS markup that reflects the designs, and to work on all Web Browsers of the moment.","Take Adobe Photoshop and PDFs document and create HTML/CSS Static style guides (minimal JavaScript, no back-end) to create CSS pattern libraries."],"highlights.more":["Participated in a major Web site rewrite for from .NET into PHP with Symfony1.x, responsible of two search-engine modules and HTML/CSS patterns libraries (2010-2012)","Created complex e-mail delivery systems to handle bounces at the server level and participated in the creation of a Web-based frontend (2011)","Created an early ”Offline first” HTML5 news reader for iPad (2010)","Participated in building and maintaining a major public-facing Web application that had been deployed in many cities around the globe (2010-2012)"],"technologies":["Apache Solr","Bower","Compass","EJS","Git","Grunt","HTML/CSS","JavaScript","jQuery","LESSCSS","MySQL","Node.js","PHP","SASS","Subversion","symfony 1.x","Symfony 2","Tiki Wiki CMS/Groupware","Twitter Bootstrap","Vagrant","VMWare ESXi","WordPress","Yeoman"]},{"name":"Groupe Informatique TechSolCom Inc.","company":"Groupe Informatique TechSolCom Inc.","position":"Web Developer","location":"Montréal, QC, Canada","remote":false,"contract":false,"url":"","website":"","hidden":false,"startDate":"2006-10-01","endDate":"2009-08-01","description":"Groupe Informatique TechSolCom Inc. had been merged into R3D Conseil Inc. R3D Conseil Inc is located in Montréal, QC, Canada and is part of the Consulting Services Industry. R3D Conseil Inc has 320 total employees across all of its locations and generates 62.21 million in sales (USD). There are 6 companies in the R3D Conseil Inc corporate family.","summary":"During my tenure at Groupe Informatique TechSolCom Inc., I played a pivotal role in maintaining the company's web presence and contributing to internal R&D projects. I led the front-end development aspect of a proprietary CI server web application and participated in building inventory management systems. My contributions enhanced operational efficiency and scalability across various projects.","highlights":["Maintain the company corporate image on the web, maintain their Web site, and participate in projects run internally as a Web developer on R&D projects.","Participated in maintaining company internal network, testing DataPower blade, Virtualized servers on bare metal, and web hosting infrastructure.","Participated in building a proprietary CI server Web Application (“Beebox”) for IBM WebSphere that was intended to be a competitor to Jenkins and Cruise Control of the time. (2007-2009)","Contributed to Inventory management application (“Namminik”) as an internal R&D experiments to make a Web Application also have its native iOS client. (2009)"],"highlights.more":["Contributed to many projects as Frontend Developer","Built a monitoring service using the SNMP protocol, centralized syslog server, and configured a Nagios monitoring service (2009)"],"technologies":["Ant","Apache Tomcat","Bind","CVS","Debian GNU/Linux","HTML/CSS","IBM WebSphere DataPower","JavaScript","jQuery","Maven2","MooTools","Nagios","RedHat Enterprise Linux","SNMP","Subversion","WCAG","XML/XSL/XSLT","YUI 2"]},{"name":"Câble Axion Digitel","company":"Câble Axion Digitel","position":"Web Developer","location":"Magog, QC, Canada","remote":false,"contract":false,"url":"","website":"","hidden":true,"startDate":"2005-10-01","endDate":"2006-11-01","description":"Câble Axion is a cable service provider. Their network coverage goes from Montreal South Shore, follows the US borders, and go up until the “Beauce” area in the province of Quebec. The towns in between the Eastern- Townships and Québec City.","summary":"My role was to rewrite the corporate website, maintain internal applications and answer to level-2 support calls from subscribers.","highlights":[],"technologies":["PHP","HTML/CSS","Microsoft Access","MySQL","Sun OS (Solaris)","CentOS GNU/Linux","Subversion"]},{"name":"INEXIS Solution web Inc.","company":"INEXIS Solution web Inc.","location":"Sherbrooke, QC, Canada","remote":false,"contract":false,"position":"Web Developer, President","hidden":true,"startDate":"2002-02-01","endDate":"2006-11-01","description":"","summary":"INEXIS Solution web Inc., was a one-man web development service provider firm I founded to serve graphic design agencies in the region of the Eastern Townships. Services included managing own private Web hosting infrastructure and building HTML/CSS pages based on PDF files provided by graphic designers, creating e-mail templates.","highlights":[],"technologies":["PHP","HTML/CSS","MySQL","Qmail","Red-Hat GNU/Linux","CentOS GNU/Linux","Subversion"]}],"education":[{"institution":"Université de Sherbrooke, CeFTI","area":"Software Engineering","studyType":"2nd Cycle Program Diploma","startDate":"2021-01-01","endDate":"2024-06-24","courses":["INF731 - Object-Oriented Programming in C#","INF743 - Software Architecture","INF747 - Designing and managing Enterprise Information Systems"]},{"institution":"Udemy","area":"Web Development","studyType":"Online Training","startDate":"2019-07-01","courses":["Nuxt.js - Vue.js on Steroids","Understanding TypeScript"]},{"institution":"","area":"Web Development","studyType":"Online Training","startDate":"2019-07-01","url":"","courses":["Use Types Effectively in TypeScript","Up and Running with TypeScript","Get Started with ElasticSearch","Build a Server Rendered Vue.js App with Nuxt and Vuex"]},{"institution":"VueMastery","area":"Web Development","studyType":"Online Training","startDate":"2019-05-01","url":"","courses":["Real World Vue.js","Mastering Vuex","Next-Level Vue","Scaling Vue with Nuxt.js","Advanced Components"]},{"institution":"Pearson Vue","area":"Software development","studyType":"Certification","startDate":"2013-07-01","endDate":"2013-07-01","url":"","courses":["Zend Certified Engineer PHP 5.3"]},{"institution":"McGill University","area":"Continuing Studies","studyType":"Course","startDate":"2012-09-01","endDate":"2013-12-01","courses":["CEEN-421-761 - English in Written Communication Contexts","CMSC-000-781 - Foundations of Mathematics","CMSC-101-771 - College Algebra and Functions"]},{"institution":"University of Montreal","area":"Continuing Studies","studyType":"Course","startDate":"2008-02-01","endDate":"2008-07-01","courses":["Web Accessibility (WCAG 1) at the Nazareth & Louis Braille institute"]},{"institution":"IBM","area":"Software development","studyType":"Certification","startDate":"2007-07-01","endDate":"2007-07-01","courses":["IBM WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliance"]},{"institution":"Canadian Armed Forces","area":"Army Communication and Information Systems Specialist","studyType":"Millitary Career","startDate":"1997-07-01","endDate":"2000-01-01","courses":["Basic training at Royal Military College Saint-Jean","Private (Basic), assigned to Sherbrooke 714th Communication Squadron","Wired and wireless communication and information systems (Introductory training)","Winter warfare training"]}],"awards":[{"title":"Grenier D’Or — Agence RED/Evocatio","date":"2010-01-01","awarder":"Grenier Aux Nouvelles","summary":"Agence RED and Evocatio Solutions technologiques Inc. created an online game as a corporate Holiday Card sent to its business partners. Each participants would receive a post card on which a 4 character code would give them access to their currently assigned gift. Each participant could steal another participant’s gift to a maximum of 9 times until a specific date at midnight, Montréal time."}],"publications":[{"name":"Santachè, A. “Mobile development using web technologies focusing on games”","publisher":"ACM","locale":"en-CA","type":"Paper","releaseDate":"2013-11-01","url":"","website":"","isbn":"978-1-4503-2559-2","authors":["Santachè, A.","Boulanger, R.","Viana, G.","Panaggio, R.","Melo, B.","Aboud, H."],"summary":"Participated in chapters related to “Markup architecture”, “Events” and “Web Storage”"},{"name":"Kumar, J. “Apache Solr PHP Integration”","publisher":"Pakt Publishing","locale":"en-CA","type":"Book Review","releaseDate":"2013-10-01","url":"","website":"","isbn":"9781782164920","summary":"Book review"},{"name":"« Techniques pour déployer WordPress de façon consistante et les rendre résilients »","publisher":"WordCamp Montréal 2016","locale":"fr-CA","type":"Talk","releaseDate":"2016-07-01","url":"","website":"","video":"","summary":"Talk given at WordCamp Montréal 2016"},{"name":"“Packaging for easier redeployment”","publisher":"DevOps Montréal","locale":"en-CA","type":"Talk","releaseDate":"2015-10-01","url":"","website":"","summary":"Presented at two events, DevOps Montréal, PHP Québec."},{"name":"« Comment évaluer le niveau de qualité d’un site web selon les techniques d’intégration web d’actualité. »","publisher":"Web à Québec 2013","locale":"fr-CA","type":"Talk","releaseDate":"2013-10-01","url":"","website":"","summary":"Presented at two conferences; « Montreal WebIn », and « Web à Québec » (WAQ)\n"}],"skills":[{"name":"Programming","keywords":["PHP","C#","VCL","Bash","Python"]},{"name":"Web Development Languages","level":"Master","keywords":["TypeScript","JavaScript","ECMAScript","HTML/CSS"]},{"name":"PHP Frameworks","keywords":["Symfony","Slim","Composer/Packagist"]},{"name":"Frontend Frameworks","keywords":["Nuxt.js","Vue.js","Koa.js","Element UI","Backbone.js","Marionette.js","Angular"]},{"name":"Web Development Libraries","level":"Master","keywords":["Rollup","Bili","Rush.js"]},{"name":"Frontend Testing Frameworks","keywords":["Jest","CodeceptJS","Playwright","AVA","Mocha","Jasmine"]},{"name":"Web Platform","level":"Master","keywords":["Accessibility","Adaptative","Bundling","Deployment","HTML/CSS Architecture","Polyfills","Promises","Responsive","Transpilation"]},{"name":"Web Operations","level":"Master","keywords":["Configuration Management","Docker Swarm","Dockerflow","ElasticSearch","Node.js","Prometheus","Redis","Salt Stack","Self-Healing event handlers","Service Monitoring","Varnish"]}],"languages":[{"language":"Français","fluency":"Native speaker"},{"language":"English","fluency":"Second language"}],"interests":[{"name":"Web Platform","keywords":["Performance","Protocols","Web Standards"]},{"name":"Systems Engineering","keywords":["Tracing","Distributed computing","Load-Balancing","Fault tolerance"]},{"name":"Sci-Fi","keywords":["StarTrek","Doctor Who"]}]}
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renoirb commented Sep 2, 2020

Convert from JSON to Word, using HTTPie as a CLI HTTP client (instead of cURL):

export RESUME=
http GET $RESUME > renoirb.json
http -f POST '' file@renoirb.json template=refined --download

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