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Created October 22, 2015 05:45
onename verification
Verifying that +renschler is my blockchain ID.
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Last active August 29, 2015 14:06
Distributed Power Control

Power control with fixed signal to interference ratio (SIR)

Here we can visualize the basic formulation of the distributed power control algorithm over a narrow range of inputs.

Each receiving channel is assigned a target SIR that is randomly sampled from a uniform distribution with range 1-3. Each mobile station is assigned an initial transmit power level that is randomly sampled from a uniform distribution with range 1-3mW. Gains for interference channels are randomly sampled from a uniform distribution with range 0.01-0.10. These inputs are displayed in tables where each row corresponds to a given mobile station. The input values used here are arbitrary and don't reflect actual numerical values observed in real cellular networks.

The transmit power of each mobile station is plotted as a line over time (i.e. over the DPC algorithm iterations). If there exists a set of transmit powers that satisfies all target SIRs, the minimal power solution is displayed in a table to the right of the input tables. Ot

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Last active July 17, 2017 01:03
A Radiation Model for US County Commuter Flows
--- Update (6/20/2017): Github now only allows access to 10 files per Gist, so you'll need to clone the repository and open the file index.html in a browser to play with the d3 visualization. ---

Simini et al. (2012) present a model for determining fluxes between communities that only requires a population distribution as an input. This model, coined the radiation model, has been shown to improve the accuracy of describing many processes that are affected by mobility and transport including migration, trade, and communication.

Here we can visualize the output of a radiation model that was used to calculate commuter flows between counties in the United States. These flows were generated using 2010 Census data (radiation model source code). The selected county appears red. You can toggle betw