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Created February 1, 2009 18:11
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NSString *currentProcessBundleID = [[NSBundle mainBundle] bundleIdentifier];
NSLog(@"ClickToFlash: currentProcessBundleID: %@ %d", currentProcessBundleID, [currentProcessBundleID isEqualToString:@""]);
//=> ClickToFlash: currentProcessBundleID: 1
if ([[[NSBundle mainBundle] bundleIdentifier] isEqualToString:@""]) {
NSLog(@"ClickToFlash: bundleForClass self: %@", [[NSBundle bundleForClass:[self class]] bundleIdentifier]);
//=> ClickToFlash: bundleForClass self: com.github.rentzsch.clicktoflash
static SUUpdater *updater = nil;
if (!updater) {
updater = [SUUpdater updaterForBundle:[NSBundle bundleForClass:[self class]]];
NSLog(@"ClickToFlash: updater: %@", updater);
//=> ClickToFlash: updater: SUUpdater </Users/wolf/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/ClickToFlash.plugin>
[updater checkForUpdates:nil];
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