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Skyrim: OnInit and OnGameReload sequence
Installation (first time running):
0. Quest variables and papyrus state set; SEQs are started and running
1. OnInit #1 - all quests whether they are SEQ or not
2. OnInit #2 - SEQs that are not run-once
Load Game (not first time running):
0. Quest variables, papyrus state, and running state restored
1. OnGameReload - quests that were running at time of save
Start (in-game):
1. OnInit #2 - quests that are not run-once
* SEQ = start-game enabled quest
* OnGameReload requires SkyUI's SKI_PlayerLoadGameAlias script; or use Player's OnPlayerLoadGame event

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@requinix requinix commented Jul 19, 2017

Tip: Avoid needing an SEQ file and detect first OnInit vs. quest start OnInit by making the quest not SEQ and not Run Once and using

event OnInit()
    if IsRunning()
        ; quest starting
        ; form first oninit - initialize and then
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