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Working from home

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Working from home
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Created November 28, 2019 11:40 — forked from maxme/
Check your Raspberry pi power supply and USB cable
# Before running this script, make sure you have sysbench installed:
# sudo apt-get install sysbench
# This script helps you check if your Raspberry pi is correctly powered.
# You can read more about Raspberry pi powering issues here:
# If you're pi is correctly powered (stable power supply and quality cable), after running the script, you should get something like:
docker run -d \
-p 137:137/udp \
-p 138:138/udp \
-p 139:139 \
-p 445:445 \
-p 445:445/udp \
--restart='always' \
--hostname 'Pi' \
-v /mnt/disk/deluge/data:/share/stick \
--name samba dastrasmue/rpi-samba:v3 \
retraut /
Created December 26, 2017 18:17 — forked from bitjockey42/
Use native virtualization on OS X docker with xhyve

What this?

So one of the painful points of using docker on OS X is that you need to run a virtualbox VM, which often suffers from performance issues. With xhyve, a OS X virtualization system, and docker-machine-xhyve you can now have docker use the native OS X hypervisor to run containers.

No more dealing with virtualbox shenanigans!

In this script, I've also set up a way to autoconfigure terminal sessions to load docker's environment vars (dependent on docker-machine) so you do not have to run eval $(docker-machine env whatever) every time you open a new terminal window.


retraut /
Created February 1, 2017 19:03 — forked from sreimers/
Hetzner simple Failover Script
# title
# description :This script will call hetzner failover api
# author :Sebastian Reimers <>
# date :18.02.2016
# version :0.1
# settings

cd ~/Downloads


dpkg -i zabbix-release_3.2-1+xenial_all.deb

apt-get update

should add /etc/apt/sources.list.d/zabbix.list

retraut /
Created November 10, 2016 08:24 — forked from unbracketed/
Moving commits between branches

Example: Moving up to a few commits to another branch

Branch A has commits (X,Y) that also need to be in Branch B. The cherry-pick operations should be done in the same chronological order that the commits appear in Branch A.

cherry-pick does support a range of commits, but if you have merge commits in that range, it gets really complicated

git checkout branch-B
git cherry-pick X
git cherry-pick Y
retraut / gist:05f405d6af6bece425b1
Created December 31, 2015 05:20 — forked from vladimirtsyupko/gist:10964772
Git force pull to overwrite local files
git fetch --all
git reset --hard origin/master
git pull origin master