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➜ ~ scalac -opt-inline-from:help
Patterns for classfile names from which the inliner is allowed to pull in code.
* Matches classes in the empty package
** All classes
a.C Class a.C
a.* Classes in package a
a.** Classes in a and in sub-packages of a
**.Util Classes named Util in any package (including the empty package)
a.**.*Util* Classes in a and sub-packages with Util in their name (including a.Util)
a.C$D The nested class D defined in class a.C
scala.Predef$ The scala.Predef object
<sources> Classes defined in source files compiled in the current compilation, either
passed explicitly to the compiler or picked up from the `-sourcepath`
The setting accepts a list of patterns: `-opt-inline-from:p1:p2`. The setting can be passed
multiple times, the list of patterns gets extended. A leading `!` marks a pattern excluding.
The last matching pattern defines whether a classfile is included or excluded (default: excluded).
For example, `a.**:!a.b.**` includes classes in a and sub-packages, but not in a.b and sub-packages.
Note: on the command-line you might need to quote patterns containing `*` to prevent the shell
from expanding it to a list of files in the current directory.
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