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@reu reu/hackish-url-parser.js
Last active Jul 21, 2017

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// @flow
import {
} from "ramda";
type ParsedURL = {
protocol: string,
host: string,
port: number,
search: string,
hash: string,
pathname: string,
toString: void => string,
export const parseUrl: string => ParsedURL = memoize(url => {
const parser = document.createElement("a");
parser.href = url;
return {
...pick(["protocol", "host", "port", "search", "hash"], parser),
// IE doesn't add a slash at the beginning of the path name
pathname: parser.pathname.startsWith("/") ? parser.pathname : "/" + parser.pathname,
// We must call the `toString` instead of using it inside a closure,
// so the DOM element can be garbage collected
toString: always(parser.toString()),
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