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(defstruct trie-node :word-fragment :type :children)
(defn type-switch [node type-val]
(assoc node :type type-val))
(defn switch-to-word [node]
(type-switch node :word))
(defn switch-to-nonword [node]
(type-switch node :nonword))
; constructors
(defn new-node
(new-node type "" {}))
([type fragment]
(new-node type fragment {}))
([type fragment children]
(struct-map trie-node
:word-fragment fragment, :type type, :children children)))
(def new-word-node (partial new-node :word))
(def new-nonword-node (partial new-node :nonword))
(defn top-node
"generate the degenerate top-level of the trie"
(new-node :top))
(defn consume-mutually
"mutually consume two strings, shoving the equal parts into an accumulator.
at the end, return the accumulator and the targest-string leftovers and the source-string leftovers"
[ source-string target-string ]
; structural binding... neato
(loop [[s & ss :as sStr] (seq source-string)
[t & ts :as tStr] (seq target-string)
accum []]
(if (and (= t s)
(or (not (nil? t))
(not (nil? s))))
(recur ss ts (conj accum t))
[(seq accum) sStr tStr ])))
(defstruct body-leg :match-type :target-leg :source-leg :body)
(defn twist-together
[source-string target-string ]
(let [ [prefix source target ]
(consume-mutually source-string
match-struct (partial struct-map body-leg :match-type)]
; no match
(nil? prefix)
(match-struct :no-match)
; they are the same word
(nil? target)
(nil? source))
(match-struct :same-word :body prefix)
; target is prefix of the source
(nil? target)
(match-struct :target-is-prefix :body prefix :source-leg source)
; source is the prefix of the target
(nil? source)
(match-struct :source-is-prefix :body prefix :target-leg target)
; they must share a prefix
(match-struct :shared-prefix :body prefix :target-leg target :source-leg source))))
;;; create a multimethod that handles our 5 situations.
(defmulti insert-node
#(:match-type %2))
(defmethod insert-node :same-word
[node match-data]
(switch-to-word node))
; -- the following is guaranteed not to have something at the child node as we
; -- checked it above (in the add-word-to-trie method
(defmethod insert-node :target-is-prefix
[{children :children :as node}
{[s & _ :as suffix] :source-leg :as match-data}]
(assoc-in node [:children s]
(new-word-node suffix)))
; -- the following is for trie nodes where the source is smaller
(defmethod insert-node :source-is-prefix
[{old-type :type children :children :as node}
{body :body [t & _ :as target-suffix] :target-leg :as match-data}]
(let [slid-node (conj node
{:word-fragment target-suffix
:type old-type})]
(new-word-node body
{ t slid-node})))
(defmethod insert-node :shared-prefix
{body :body
[s & _ :as source-suffix] :source-leg
[t & _ :as target-suffix] :target-leg
:as match-data}]
(let [new-source-suffix-node (new-word-node source-suffix)
new-target-suffix-node (conj node {:word-fragment target-suffix})
new-children {s new-source-suffix-node, t new-target-suffix-node}]
(new-nonword-node body new-children)))
(defmethod insert-node :no-match
[node match-data]
(println " very likely you should not be here"))
(defmulti add-word-to-trie
(fn [word trie] (:type trie)))
(defmethod add-word-to-trie :top
[[first-char & rest :as word] { children :children :as trie}]
(assoc-in trie [:children first-char]
(if (contains? children first-char)
(add-word-to-trie word (children first-char))
(new-word-node word))))
;; standard case
(defmethod add-word-to-trie :default
[[source-first & rest :as source-word]
{target-word :word-fragment children :children :as node}]
(let [{match-type :match-type,
[source-suffix-k & _ :as source-suffix] :source-leg :as match-data}
(twist-together source-word target-word)]
(if (and (= :target-is-prefix
(contains? children source-suffix-k))
(assoc-in node [:children source-suffix-k ]
(add-word-to-trie source-suffix
(children source-suffix-k)))
(insert-node node match-data))))
(defstruct dot-path :from :to)
(defstruct dot-label :id :label)
(defn red-str [x]
#(reduce str "" (x %)))
(defn generate-dot-label
[{type :type wf :word-fragment}]
(let [is-a (partial = type)
rstr (reduce str "" wf)]
(is-a :top)
(is-a :word)
(str rstr "(*)")
(is-a :nonword)
(defn generate-dot
[node path]
(let [ generate-path-node #(struct-map dot-path :from path :to (cons % path))
generate-children-dots (fn [[k v]] (generate-dot v (cons k path)))]
(let [ my-dot-node (struct-map dot-label :id path
:label (generate-dot-label node))
my-paths (map generate-path-node
(keys (:children node)))
my-children-dots (reduce concat (map generate-children-dots (seq (:children node))))]
(concat (cons my-dot-node my-paths) my-children-dots))))
(defmulti show-dot
(contains? % :from)
(contains? % :id)
(defmethod show-dot :path
(str "\"" ((red-str :from) dot) "\"" "->"
"\"" ((red-str :to) dot ) "\""
"[label=\" " (first (:to dot)) "\"]"))
(defmethod show-dot :node
(str "\"" ((red-str :id) dot) "\""
"[label=\"" ((red-str :label) dot) "\"]"))
(defn generate-pretty
(reduce #(str %1 "\n" %2) (map show-dot (generate-dot node "_"))))
(defn generate-trie
([ words node ]
(reduce #(add-word-to-trie %2 %1) node words))
([ words ]
(generate-trie words (top-node))))
(def test-words
["rebate" "reborn" "realize" "real" "relied" "rebates" "reb" "relief" "realizes" "redder" "red"])
(def test-trie
(generate-trie test-words))
(defn query-node-with-path
( [source node]
(query-node-with-path source node []))
([ [ s & _ :as source ]
{type :type children :children wf :word-fragment :as node}
(let [node-type? (partial = (:type node))]
(if (node-type? :top)
(if (contains? children s)
(recur source (children s) acc)
[ false, acc])
(let [match-data (twist-together source wf)
match-type? (partial = (:match-type match-data))]
(match-type? :same-word)
(if (node-type? :word)
[true, (cons wf acc)]
[false, acc])
(match-type? :target-is-prefix)
(let [ {[s & _ :as suffix-string-source] :source-leg} match-data]
(if (contains? children s)
(recur suffix-string-source (children s) (cons wf acc))
[false, acc]))
[false, acc]))))))
(def query-node #(let [ [val _] (query-node-with-path %1 %2)] val))
(def words-queried (map #(query-node % test-trie) test-words))
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