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from django.db import models
import uuid
class UUIDField(models.CharField):
A field which stores a UUID value in hex format. This may also have
the Boolean attribute 'auto' which will set the value on initial save to a
new UUID value (calculated using the UUID1 method). Note that while all
UUIDs are expected to be unique we enforce this with a DB constraint.
# Modified from
__metaclass__ = models.SubfieldBase
def __init__(self, auto=False, *args, **kwargs):
if kwargs.get('primary_key', False):
assert auto, "Must pass auto=True when using UUIDField as primary key." = auto
# Set this as a fixed value, we store UUIDs in text.
kwargs['max_length'] = 32
if auto:
# Do not let the user edit UUIDs if they are auto-assigned.
kwargs['editable'] = False
kwargs['blank'] = True
kwargs['unique'] = True
super(UUIDField, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)
def db_type(self):
return 'uuid'
def pre_save(self, model_instance, add):
"""Ensures that we auto-set values if required. See CharField.pre_save."""
value = getattr(model_instance, self.attname, None)
if not value and
# Assign a new value for this attribute if required.
value = uuid.uuid4().hex
setattr(model_instance, self.attname, value)
return value
def to_python(self, value):
if not value:
return None
if len(value) != 32:
value = value.replace('-', '')
assert len(value) == 32
return value
from south.modelsinspector import add_introspection_rules
except ImportError:
[UUIDField], # Class(es) these apply to
[], # Positional arguments (not used)
{ # Keyword argument
"auto": ["auto", {"default": "False"}],
], ["^common\.fields\.UUIDField"]) # XXX Change this to where yours is stored. Better solution?
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