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Mischa Spiegelmock revmischa

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Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am revmischa on github.
  • I am cybermischa ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key ASA2gwimJ5iuAryMq_bkJ9OECR-6vpSHXoeCAGg_-GlY-Ao

To claim this, I am signing this object:

from random import uniform, randint
from locust import TaskSequence, HttpLocust
from locust import seq_task
import random
import string
import os
def randomStringDigits(stringLength=6):
"""Generate a random string of letters and digits """
revmischa / serverless.yml
Last active Apr 11, 2019
Serverless CloudFormation to provide private RDS and lambda networking with internet access in VPC.
View serverless.yml
- serverless-pseudo-parameters
name: aws
runtime: python3.7
stage: ${opt:stage, 'dev'}
revmischa / response_unwrap.kt
Created Mar 11, 2019
Always unwrap a JSON response key using Retrofit/Moshi/Kotlin
View response_unwrap.kt
// for parsing "data" out of every response object
class ItemTypeAdapterFactory : TypeAdapterFactory {
override fun <T> create(gson: Gson, type: TypeToken<T>): TypeAdapter<T> {
val delegate = gson.getDelegateAdapter(this, type)
val elementAdapter = gson.getAdapter(
return object : TypeAdapter<T>() {
override fun write(out: JsonWriter, value: T) {
revmischa / sdl_version_check.m4
Last active Feb 9, 2019
Autoconf m4 to check if minimum SDL library version exists
View sdl_version_check.m4
AC_ARG_ENABLE([sdl], AS_HELP_STRING([--enable-sdl], [Build SDL2 application]), [], [enable_sdl=check])
AS_IF([test "$enable_sdl" != "no"], [
AS_IF([test "$TRAVIS"], [SDL_VERSION=2.0.2]) # travis has old SDL, we don't care
AS_IF([test "$EMSCRIPTEN"], [SDL_VERSION=2.0.0]) # emscripten has old SDL, we don't care
# Check for libSDL >= $SDL_VERSION
revmischa /
Created Jan 15, 2019
Twilio call handler lambda
from twilio.twiml.voice_response import VoiceResponse, Dial
from import Client
from urllib.parse import parse_qsl
import requests
import json
from pprint import pprint
import boto3
session = boto3.session.Session()
revmischa /
Last active Oct 27, 2017
European Bash Prompt ($PS1)
if [[ `whoami` == "root" ]]; then
# Git branch in prompt.
parse_git_branch() {
git branch 2> /dev/null | sed -e '/^[^*]/d' -e 's/* \(❲.*\)/ ❲\1❳/'
# git status
parse_git_dirty() {
revmischa /
Last active Nov 20, 2018
Heroku logplex syslog handler lambda
"""Sample handler for parsing Heroku logplex drain events (
Expects messages to be framed with the syslog TCP octet counting method (
This is designed to be run as a Python3.6 lambda.
import json
import boto3
import logging
import iso8601
revmischa /
Created Jun 13, 2017
Open IoT Security Certification Draft

Level I - Basic



  • No default username/password
    • Devices must not ship with a well-known username and/or password
      • Unless the password must be changed on first use No backdoor passwords in firmware. This can be dumped and reversed and published.
revmischa /
Last active Nov 20, 2016
Deferred jobs with sqlalchemy/flask/apscheduler
# sample usage:
class MyFlaskApp(Flask):
def start_heartbeat(self):
"""Schedule periodic heartbeat updates."""
if hasattr(self, 'heartbeat_sched'):
raise Exception("Heartbeat already started")
sched = self.get_scheduler()
self.heartbeat_sched = sched
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