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Created January 14, 2016 09:48
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Porting to Python 3
2to3 transforms most py2 strings to py3 strings with unicode support
use bytes in module hasher
use encode=unicode in elementtree.serialize
New ordering logic
Porting to PytQt5
pyqt4topyqt5 issues:
[0] inserted in getfilenamefromgui
inserts signal [type] to connections
Does not prefix opyqtSignal with "QtCore."
Misses some connections?
qmatrix->qtransform (Backport?)
scene removed from constructors (qt5-fixes) (Backport?)
translate removed
qgraphicsitem.itemAt needs view transform
qmessagebox.information/... Custom buttons obsolete
new-style signals (pyqt4topyqt5 script leaves a lot of manual work) (Backport?)
pyqt5 uses cooperative multiple inheritance: (needs python 3)
def __init__(**kwargs):
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