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Building Python 3 with PyQt5, QWebEngine, QScintilla, VTK on Windows 64bit
Install Visual C++ 2013 (I failed to get MingW working with PyQt5)
Install the vs2013 version of Qt5
Install Python 3.4 64bit
Get sip (4.17), PyQt5 (5.5.1), and QScintilla sources
Add path to qmake to PATH
Open command prompt
Set correct compiler
> C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0\VC\bin\amd64\vcvars64
Configure sip:
> C:\Python34\python.exe --platform=win32-vc2013
> nmake
> nmake install
Configure PyQt5 (Disable QtPositioning and QtNfc):
> C:\src\PyQt-gpl-5.5.1>C:\Python34\python.exe --sip=C:\Python34\sip.exe --disable=QtPositioning --disable=QtNfc
> nmake
> nmake install
install qscintilla:
VTK with Qt5
download vtk 7.0 source (rc1 tested)
install mingw with gfortran
install cmake
run cmake-gui on vtk source
* check path to qmake
* Select opengl backend (not opengl2)
* enable python wrapper (version 3)
Build and install VTK through visual studio 2013
BUG: Running a vtk pyqt5 example triggers the __name__ == '__main__' section in The example runs correctly when it is commented out
Travis can only use precompiled binaries?
* Skip QWebEngine tests
* Skip VTK tests? (Needs VTK compiled for Python3/PyQt5)
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