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PowerShell script to update an app.config file based on a parameters.xml
function Update-AppConfig
[parameter(Mandatory = $true, HelpMessage = "Name of app.exe.config file")]
[parameter(Mandatory = $false, HelpMessage = "Name of parameters.xml file")]
[string]$ParametersFile = "parameters.xml"
if (-not (test-path $AppConfigFile)) {
Write-Error -Message "The application configuration $AppConfigFile was not found"
Return $null
if (-not (test-path $ParametersFile)) {
Write-Error -Message "The application configuration $ParametersFile was not found"
Return $null
[xml]$ParametersXml = Get-Content -Path $ParametersFile -Raw
[xml]$AppConfigXml = Get-Content -Path $AppConfigFile -Raw
Write-Verbose -Message "Using xpath to update values in '$AppConfigFile."
Foreach ($Node in $ParametersXml.Parameters.parameter) {
Write-Verbose -Message " Updating '$($Node.ParameterEntry.Match)' with value '$($Node.DefaultValue)'."
if ($Node.ParameterEntry.Match.endswith("/text()"))
$AppConfigXml.SelectSingleNode($Node.ParameterEntry.Match).InnerText = $Node.DefaultValue
} else
$AppConfigXml.SelectSingleNode($Node.ParameterEntry.Match).'#text' = $Node.DefaultValue
Write-Verbose -Message "Saving updated configuration."
$AppConfigXml.Save((Resolve-Path $AppConfigFile))
Update-AppConfig -AppConfigFile MyApp.exe.config -Verbose
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donomar19 commented Feb 22, 2022

hi can you help me how to build script that i can deploy on intune that update onedrive version or downgrade the version. thank you

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rfennell commented Feb 22, 2022

The above logic shows how to update a field in an XML file. My Azure DevOps Pipelines Version Extension also shows how to update fields in various JSON file formats.

I have no experience of OneDrive config files or intune so can't offer any more assistance

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