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Created Dec 7, 2010
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Simple code to create combinations in C++
#include <algorithm>
#include <cassert>
#include <iostream>
#include <vector>
using std::copy;
using std::cout;
using std::endl;
using std::vector;
void combinations_recursive(const vector<char> &elems, unsigned long req_len,
vector<unsigned long> &pos, unsigned long depth,
unsigned long margin)
// Have we selected the number of required elements?
if (depth >= req_len) {
for (unsigned long ii = 0; ii < pos.size(); ++ii)
cout << elems[pos[ii]];
cout << endl;
// Are there enough remaining elements to be selected?
// This test isn't required for the function to be correct, but
// it can save a good amount of futile function calls.
if ((elems.size() - margin) < (req_len - depth))
// Try to select new elements to the right of the last selected one.
for (unsigned long ii = margin; ii < elems.size(); ++ii) {
pos[depth] = ii;
combinations_recursive(elems, req_len, pos, depth + 1, ii + 1);
void combinations(const vector<char> &elems, unsigned long req_len)
assert(req_len > 0 && req_len <= elems.size());
vector<unsigned long> positions(req_len, 0);
combinations_recursive(elems, req_len, positions, 0, 0);
const unsigned long num_elements = 7;
const unsigned long comb_len = 6;
int main()
vector<char> elements(num_elements);
char elements_str[num_elements + 1] = "abcdefg";
copy(elements_str, elements_str + num_elements, elements.begin());
combinations(elements, comb_len);
return 0;
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Dominicanos commented Jul 9, 2016

hello, i want to ask how can i organize the element in one list, fore example elems[pos[ii]] is iqual to "ABCDEF" this like first element of one list. thank you.

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