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Rebol (Ren/C) HTTPD Server Scheme
Rebol [
Title: "A tiny static HTTP server"
Author: ["abolka" "Giulio Lunati"]
Date: [2009-11-04 2016-07-25]
; name: shttpd
; type: module
; exports: [shttpd]
sys/make-scheme [
title: "Static HTTP Server"
name: 'httpd
locals: make object! [
subport: none
code-map: make map! [200 "OK" 400 "Forbidden" 404 "Not Found"]
mime-map: make map! [
"html" "text/html" "css" "text/css" "js" "application/javascript"
"gif" "image/gif" "jpg" "image/jpeg" "png" "image/png"
"r" "text/plain" "r3" "text/plain" "reb" "text/plain"
error-template: trim/auto {
<html><head><title>$code $text</title></head><body><h1>$text</h1>
<p>Requested URI: <code>$uri</code></p><hr><i>shttpd.r</i> on
<a href="">REBOL 3</a> $r3</body></html>
error-response: func [code uri /local values] [
values: [code (code) text (code-map/:code) uri (uri) r3 (system/version)]
reduce [code "text/html" reword error-template compose values]
start-response: func [port res /local code text type body] [
set [code type body] res
write port ajoin ["HTTP/1.0 " code " " code-map/:code crlf]
write port ajoin ["Content-type: " type crlf]
write port ajoin ["Content-length: " length? body crlf]
write port crlf
write port body
handle-request: func [config req /local uri path type file data ext] [
parse to-string req ["get " ["/ " | copy uri to " "]]
uri: default "index.html"
print ["URI:" uri]
parse uri [ copy path [to #"?" | to end]]
parse path [some [thru "."] copy ext to end (type: mime-map/:ext)]
type: default "application/octet-stream"
if not exists? file: config/root/:path [return error-response 404 uri]
if error? try [data: read file] [return error-response 400 uri]
reduce [200 type data]
awake-client: func [event /local port res] [
port: event/port
switch event/type [
read [
either find port/data to-binary join crlf crlf [
res: handle-request port/locals/config port/data
start-response port res
] [
read port
wrote [wait port close port]
close [close port]
awake-server: func [event /local client] [
if event/type = 'accept [
client: first event/port
client/awake: :awake-client
read client
serve: func [web-port web-root /local listen-port] [
listen-port: open join tcp://: web-port
listen-port/locals: has compose/deep [config: [root: (web-root)]]
listen-port/awake: :awake-server
wait listen-port
actor: [
open: func [port [port!]][
port/locals: make port/scheme/locals [
listen-port: open join tcp://: port/spec/port-id
listen-port/locals: probe make object! [config: reduce ['root what-dir]]
listen-port/awake: function [event][port/awake event]
port/awake: get in port/locals 'awake-server
awake: none
change-dir %/path/containing/index.html/
httpd: open httpd://:8080
wait [httpd]
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