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Last active Dec 14, 2015

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Build a feed of questions AND answers from Stack Overflow 'most active' feed.
Title: "Stack Overflow Rebol Questions/Answers"
Date: 16-Feb-2013
Author: "Christopher Ross-Gill"
Options: [
Feed: http://-feed-location-/so.feed
options: construct system/script/header/options
do options/altxml
use [feed answers][
feed: load-xml/dom options/questions
answers: collect [
answers: feed/get-by-tag <entry>
clear skip answers 8 ; only the eight most active questions
foreach question answers [
if question: find/match question/get <id> [
question: load-xml/dom join question
foreach answer question/get-by-tag <entry> [
keep answer/tree
insert clear feed/find-element <entry> answers
foreach link feed/get-by-tag <link> [
if "self" = link/get #rel [
insert clear link/get #href options/feed
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