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Resizing for R3 GUI framework


The purpose of this document is to describe the R3 GUI resizing subsystem.


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Rebol [
Title: "Add a Site"
Type: 'controller
File: %app/controllers/addsite.r
route () to submit [ ; where submit is %app/views/addsite/submit.html.rsp
get [] ; shows the form
put [
View textize-rebol-content.rebol
Title: "Scraper"
Date: 1-Dec-2013
textize: func [html [string!] /local rule last-list value new-table in-pre][
html: load-html/dom html
last-node: html
last-list: ""
in-pre: false
View sqlite-version.reb
Rebol [
Title: "SQLite Init"
Date: 10-Jan-2016
Author: "Christopher Ross-Gill"
Comment: [
"Ren/C branch build with LibFFI"
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Rebol [
Title: "A tiny static HTTP server"
Author: ["abolka" "Giulio Lunati"]
Date: [2009-11-04 2016-07-25]
; name: shttpd
; type: module
; exports: [shttpd]
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Rebol [
Title: "Ping Scheme"
Date: 5-Jan-2017
Author: "Christopher Ross-Gill"
sys/make-scheme [
View int-to-bin.reb
Rebol [
Title: "Integer to Binary"
Date: 24-Jan-2017
method-1: func [
int [integer!]
debase/base to-hex int 16
View test-httpd.reb
#!/usr/local/bin/rebol -cs
Rebol [
Title: "HTTPD Scheme"
Date: 10-Jun-2013
Author: [
"Christopher Ross-Gill" 4-Jan-2017 "Adaptation to Scheme"
"Andreas Bolka" 4-Nov-2009 "A Tiny HTTP Server"
File: %httpd.reb
View light-control.reb
Rebol [
Title: "Turn Lights On and Off"
Date: 31-Jan-2017
Author: "Christopher Ross-Gill"
File: %light-control.reb
Version: 0.1.0
View rgc_shortcodes.php
* @package Shortcodes for Bootstrap: Grid, Misc
* @version 0.6
Plugin Name: Shortcodes for Bootstrap: Grid, Misc
Plugin URI:
Description: Adds shortcodes to assist in incorporating features of Bootstrap including elementary grid handling.
Author: Christopher Ross-Gill