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solution time [s] memory [bytes]
peter.hs .163 7479296
radu.hs .160 7495680
duncan.hs 176.97 7467008
tim.hs .160 7471104 Files out and out.ref differ
nicolas.lhs .460 19001344 Files out and out.ref differ
lennart.hs 2134.98 7467008 Files out and out.ref differ
This was run in /dev/shm (that is, not using the HDD) on a computer with two cores at 4788 bogomips each (Intel i3 @2.4GHz), and 4GB of RAM.
Script used (rather ugly):
N=100 # N=5 for duncan.hs and lennart.hs
ghc --make -O -fforce-recomp $1 -o ride 2> /dev/null
strip ride
for i in `seq 1 $N`; do
/usr/bin/time -f '%e' ./ride < > out 2> t
T=$(echo "$T+$(cat t)" | bc -l)
T=$(echo "scale=3; $T / $N" | bc -l)
R=$(diff -q out out.ref)
valgrind --tool=massif --pages-as-heap=yes --massif-out-file=mem ./ride < > out 2> /dev/null
M=$(grep mem_heap_B= mem | awk -F '=' '{if (n < $2) n=$2} END{print n}')
echo $1 $T $M $R
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