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Simple Makefile to minify CSS and JS.
# Patterns matching CSS files that should be minified. Files with a -min.css
# suffix will be ignored.
CSS_FILES = $(filter-out %-min.css,$(wildcard \
public/css/*.css \
public/css/**/*.css \
# Patterns matching JS files that should be minified. Files with a -min.js
# suffix will be ignored.
JS_FILES = $(filter-out %-min.js,$(wildcard \
public/js/*.js \
public/js/**/*.js \
# Command to run to execute the YUI Compressor.
YUI_COMPRESSOR = java -jar yuicompressor-2.4.6.jar
# Flags to pass to the YUI Compressor for both CSS and JS.
YUI_COMPRESSOR_FLAGS = --charset utf-8 --verbose
CSS_MINIFIED = $(CSS_FILES:.css=-min.css)
JS_MINIFIED = $(JS_FILES:.js=-min.js)
# target: minify - Minifies CSS and JS.
minify: minify-css minify-js
# target: minify-css - Minifies CSS.
minify-css: $(CSS_FILES) $(CSS_MINIFIED)
# target: minify-js - Minifies JS.
minify-js: $(JS_FILES) $(JS_MINIFIED)
%-min.css: %.css
@echo '==> Minifying $<'
%-min.js: %.js
@echo '==> Minifying $<'
# target: clean - Removes minified CSS and JS files.
# target: help - Displays help.
@egrep "^# target:" Makefile
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yurkobb commented Aug 11, 2012

Thank you for this Makefile! Could you, however, add some license to it? I would maybe pack it into my webproject boilerplate which I once will maybe share with people. This way I will know if I can incorporate your Makefile. Thanks once more!

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enzolutions commented Oct 28, 2013

Hi rgrove

Can you explain how to use this make?

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