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Ryan Guerrettaz rguerrettaz

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rguerrettaz / errors.txt
Created Aug 13, 2015
Fuck you flower ai
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sandbox u=!make $> bundle
--- ERROR REPORT TEMPLATE -------------------------------------------------------
- What did you do?
I ran the command `/Users/ryan/.rbenv/versions/2.1.6/bin/bundle `
- What did you expect to happen?
I expected Bundler to...
rguerrettaz / jquery_update.js
Created Mar 10, 2014
Use newest version of jQuery in Crowdflower job
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require(['jquery-noconflict', 'bootstrap-modal', 'bootstrap-tooltip', 'bootstrap-popover', 'bootstrap-tab', 'jquery-cookie'], function (_, modal, jQuery) {
//Ensure MooTools is where it must be
Window.implement('$', function (el, nc) {
return, nc, this.document);
// set jQuery object
var jQuery1_7 = window.jQuery;
// Load latest version of jquery
rguerrettaz / csv_parser.rb
Last active Dec 17, 2015
csv parser. takes 2 csv files and combines them together to make one without duplicates
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require 'csv'
# Handles csv's with varrying total columns
# Does not handle headers yet
# This method serves as initialize method; calls all other methods
# Takes 2 csv files as arguments
# First csv should be original file
# Second should be the updated file
def update_csv(orig_file, new_file)
rguerrettaz / fortune_teller.rb
Last active Dec 17, 2015
Method to predict your experience in Phase 3 of Dev Bootcamp
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def tell_fortune( previous_rails_knowledge=nil, prep=nil )
good_luck = "Gloomy, your future looks. Pain and suffering, you will experience."
return good_luck if prep.nil? && previous_rails_knowledge.nil?
"The force is strong in you. Succeed, you will."
# Tests
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require 'rspec'
require_relative '../assessment_week2'
describe Vehicle do
subject {[color: "black", wheels: 2]) }
it { should be_instance_of Vehicle }
its (:wheels) { should == 2 }
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